I would highly doubt that any event is more photographed than a wedding. With that being said, finding a photographer who suits your style, needs, and budget is quite an undertaking. Before committing to a photographer, you must make the choice between these options: posed, photojournalism, or both?

I find that more traditional types lean towards formal photography. This means that their wedding is recorded in a series of posed shots that include the bridal party, the family, the close friends, and of course, the bride and the groom. While this may make for some fabulous classic shots that can be handed down for many years to come, they tend to shy away from capturing candid moments. For that, we have photojournalism.

The photojournalism style of wedding photography has been gaining momentum in recent years. With this style, the photographer follows the wedding from start to finish from the bride and groom getting ready to the vows to the cutting of the cake-and, everything in between (and after). It’s almost like having a personal paparazzi capturing every fleeting, fun moment which allows you to capture much more spontaneous emotion. But, going with this type of photography alone leaves little room for formality-no posing here.

If you prefer one type over the other, then go with it. However, I personally think that your best bet is to hire a photographer who specializes in both and is willing to take posed portraits and impromptu pics. That way you have a variety of seeing Aunt Myrtle prim and poised on film and seeing you and your friends shaking it on the dance floor. Try that, and I guarantee that no moment-formal and fun-will go undocumented.