Is tradition your forté?

If you answer “no” to this question and cringe at the thought of ballgowns, wedding pomp, and the other “usual” (read: boring, irritating, annoying, etc.) traditions, then the book Offbeat Bride: Taffeta-Free Alternatives for Independent Bridesis a perfect read for you.

The Author Ariel Meadow Stallings takes you through the hilarious account of her own wedding and the planning behind it and offers advice to make your nuptials anything but boring. Topics include engagement rings without diamonds, incorporating bridesboys and groomsgirls, wedsites, conflict mediation techniques, and nixing the trip down the aisle with Dad (if you so choose, of course). Interjections from other offbeat brides (and grooms) also allow for insight as to what traditions you may want to keep and what traditions you’d rather toss. This witty but intelligently written read is a must-read for those brides who want to shake things up-or, simply remain true to themselves.

Purchase a copy on Amazon if you’re interested. Until your book arrives, take a look at the Offbeat Bride blog to get your fix.