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For those who read my blog regularly, it does seem a bit strange that I’m covering this topic again since it was already dealt with in my very first post. But, as of late my style has changed and I have narrowed down my likes, loves, and dislikes in terms of decor and personal tastes. In all honesty, I would rather a much more elegant, cohesive look to my big day (whenever that happens). I’ve kept some elements, such as black, white, and purple being my favorite hues, but new elements such as an overall retro flair that I am smitten by has been introduced in place of the more beachy vibe I had going before. I feel that this new inspiration board is an updated, more refined version of me. Perhaps this too can serve to help you as well. Enjoy!

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After scrolling through my local listings to Tivo What Not to Wear, the ten p.m. slot was filled with a new series entitled Wedded to Perfection. Being that this is a wedding blog, I figured that I oughta encourage my readers to watch this along with me. The show will take you into the world of the New York event-planning company names Fete, as owned by husband-and-wife team Josh Brooks and Jung Lee. I’m psyched to see how they plan events and what creative visions they have up their sleeve. Brooks and Lee are pictured below.


Click here to go to and check local listings and/or set up a reminder for you to watch the series’ premiere at 10 p.m

Yet another shop for the DIYbride, this time in the realm of baking. If you’re looking to create a cupcake tower in lieu of the traditional wedding cake, than this Etsy shop is for you. CupCakeSocial contains the most adorable patterned cupcake papers, cupcake toppers, and even sprinkles in various colors and shapes. All of these cupcake extras will surely enhance the cute factor on your cupcake tower during your wedding, shower, engagement party, or any other soireé you’ll have before or after your nuptials. CupcakeSocial has all you need to add the perfect touch of whimsy to your perfect day.

Click here to visit CupcakeSocial on Etsy.

OK, technically this isn’t a “shop” as the fonts available on this site are free to download. However, I figured that this would be a good resource for the DIY bride who is going to take care of all of the paper goods for and at her wedding such as invitations, place cards, menus, etc. contains a vast library of stylized fonts that will enhance the overall ambianceof your big day. Each style ranges from elegant to distorted to ethnically-inspired to some of the most ornate, creative, even wacky font styles one could find. If Comic Sans or New Times’ Roman won’t cut it, then head over to and download a font style that will fit perfectly into your wedding day.

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I must say that, to the dismay of anyone involved in the wedding planning process, the concept of a Bridezilla (a.k.a. bride from hell,) has been popularized and, dare I say, encouraged. I also must say that this has to stop. Immediately.

To all of the brides out there: yes, planning a wedding can be awfully taxing emotionally and financially. And, this day will probably be one of the few moments where the focus will truly be on you and what you’ve done to celebrate the union between you and your fiancé. Undoubtedly, your nearest and dearest are happy for you and would love to make your wedding day an event to enjoy and a pleasant memory for all.

Don’t screw it up.

Don’t become this obsessed, high-maintenance, quasi-perfectionist overnight. It’s one thing to want roses as your flowers, it’s another thing to slap your florist because they weren’t “white enough”. It’s one thing to want your attendants to look nice, it’s another thing to bully them into buying over-priced dresses or cursing them out because one of them refuses to drop 100 pounds in 3 days. It’s one thing to want your day to be perfect, it’s another to cry, scream, or threaten your family, friends, and vendors into getting your way and your way only.

Although I feature ideas, inspiration, and vendors on my blog to help make your wedding day gorgeous, I am vehemently against the notion that the bride is always right. In order for your wedding day to run smoothly, there will be compromises and sacrifices and you will have to grit your teeth a bit. But, you’ll be much happier that you didn’t have a huge blow-up or didn’t get all in a tizzy over and ultimately temporary moment in the greater picture of your life when you have your love, your family, and your friendships intact.

Bridezillas aren’t brides. They are truly terrible individuals who were able to mask their awful personality up until one of the most memorable occasions of their life.

I hope that this isn’t the case with the brides who read this blog.

Yes, mail order flowers have gotten a bad rep. But, if you’re in a bind and local florists are few or unavailable, then perhaps you should consider They have bulk packages of wedding flowers that range from traditional rose or hydrangea arrangements for bouquets and decoration to more eclectic mixes of seasonal buds. If you’re looking for a single type of flower in bulk, they also carry this option for a wide range of flowers such as peonies, gerber daisies, dahlias, orchids, and almost any other flower you can call to mind. Their website has each bloom categorized by flower type, season, and/or color, so finding the perfect blooms for your nuptials should be a non-issue.
The company was recently featured on an episode of the Lifetime series Get Married, hosted by planner extraordinaire Colin Cowie and former Bachelorette Deanna Pappas.

Take a look at their helpful hints for arranging a rose bouquet.

Take a look at by clicking here.

Ah, l’amour! The City of Lights tends to be a widely used inspiration when it comes to weddings. Perhaps the intimate elegance of a sidewalk bistro is what you’re aiming for in your wedding decor-or is it the high glamour, couture opulence that Paris offers in their fashions and art galleries. The following board is made to cater to both aspects of Parisian flair and I hope this sends you on your way to creating a trés chic affair. Voilá!

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In keeping with my love of retro fare, I now want to talk about the wedding day fashions created by the talented Stephanie James. Her design aesthetic screams yesteryear with girly tea-length frocks, slinky body-hugging full-length gowns, and adorable bridal suits for those who want a unique, buttoned-up approach. Despite their obvious retro inspiration, the simple, chic, uncomplicated works of Stephanie James could also be perfect for the modern bride. I, for one, am convinced.

Click here to visit Stephanie James Couture online.

DIY décor is becoming more and more prevalent these days as a result of tighter wedding budgets or a larger population of creative brides. In either case, Candles 4 Less is a great resource for all of your romantic lighting needs. They carry votives, pillars, ball candles, tealights, and many more candle varieties plenty of colors and scents to fit your wedding and reception atmosphere. They also house a collection of glass vase holders, incense, oils, and warmers for alternative decorative elements. Furthermore, they have reduced bulk order pricing on all of their products, making it possible to have candlelight without breaking the bank.

Click here to visit Candles 4 Less.

For those of you who want to have an Old Hollywood feel for your big day, one way to tie in the theme is through some of your wedding accessories, like your veil and headpiece. Ergo, Breeziway Fascinators would be good place for you to start.

Breeziway has several lines of fascinators for all of the ladies of the day: the bride, the ‘maids, and the moms. Each headpiece is crafted with fine feathers and crystal details along with a wide range of color and pattern options, thus making for a lovely option for your bridal look. If you can’t find something in the ready-to-wear collection, just click on the “Services” tab and they will be happy to create a custom design unique to your wishes. They also have a chic collection of birdcage veils and feather-accented silk flowers, and two options for any little ones in your wedding.

Click here to see Breeziway’s full collection.