With all of this wedding coverage, I thought it’s be appropriate to take a break and discuss the other side of wedding fashion: the guests.
Usually on a wedding invite, a dress code is suggested, if not enforced. Ergo, perhaps I should serve up a friendly reminder as to what is appropriate and fashionable for the common dress codes dictated by today’s brides, along with an example of such. All style boards are done by yours truly via Polyvore.

“White Tie” or “Black Tie”: When an invitation reads ” “White Tie” or “Black Tie”, or anything that suggests high formality, it would be wise to purchase a proper evening gown for the affair. You could stick to a longer hemline, but if you must go short, the skirt should be no shorter than tea-length. Chances are this dress code applies to an evening event, so rich jewel tones and even black are fantastic and timeless color choices.

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“Formal”: This dress code is one step down from the high formality of White- or Black Tie. With that being said, an exceptional level of polish is still to be expected. A long evening gown for a night time soireé would still be appropriate, but hemlines can now reach to the knee. If the event is during the day, have some fun with color.

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“Semi-Formal”: This is the most common dress code applied to weddings-and, the most difficult to interpret, as the line between formal and casual blurs right here. Your best bet is to take into account the time of day and dress accordingly, but with some polish. A daytime event woud call for a well-tailored dress in a flattering color or a smart, but feminine, skirt suit while a night time reception would call for a sassy cocktail dress. Also, in this dress code, accessories are your friend, especially since they can give an otherwise neutral outfit that extra step up to appropriateness.

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“Beach Chic” or “Garden Chic”: With the popularity of destination weddings on the rise, this recent addition to dress code lingo is gaining major popularity. In this case. a light dress in a bright color would not only make you look good for the occasion, but it will serve you well in keeping you comfortable in your outdoor surroundings. Just keep a shawl on hand when the warm, sunny day turns into a brisk evening or if the party moves inside. As for the shoes, wear a pair that are either sand or grass friendly. Even bring a dressier option should your environment change to one that is sole-friendly.

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“Casual”: This dress code can be taken quite literally, but before you break out your jeans and t-shirt, keep in mind that the event is indeed a wedding. With that being said, give casual a chic twist by wearing a feminine blouse and skirt, sundress, or at the very least dressy trousers with a stylish top. That way, you won’t look like you’ll be on your way to the supermarket after the reception.

I hope that my interpretation of these dress codes will guide you in the right direction when the next invitation rolls around. Just add your personal twist to the guidelines, and I’m sure that you’ll be on the fast track to fabulous.
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