When the words “custom designed wedding gown” come to mind, very many may believe that such an undertaking would clean out your budget. With Olivia Luca, such is not the case. This online bridal atelier has a nifty Virtual Design Studio application that allows you or your bridesmaids to play fashion designer and choose from a pantheon of silhouettes, fabrics, and accents to create the perfect dresses for your big day. Depending on what options you choose, the cost of a dress could be as low as $300 (maybe less) and not much more over $1,000. The designs I cooked up (shown below) never passed the $600 mark. Once it’s ordered, in about three months your dream dress will be on your doorstep.

For all of my eco-conscious brides: they have organic fabric options which are among the cheaper priced fabrics, thus making it easy on your wallet to be environmentally friendly. Win-win!

Convinced? If so, click here to visit Olivia Luca.