I must say that, to the dismay of anyone involved in the wedding planning process, the concept of a Bridezilla (a.k.a. bride from hell,) has been popularized and, dare I say, encouraged. I also must say that this has to stop. Immediately.

To all of the brides out there: yes, planning a wedding can be awfully taxing emotionally and financially. And, this day will probably be one of the few moments where the focus will truly be on you and what you’ve done to celebrate the union between you and your fiancé. Undoubtedly, your nearest and dearest are happy for you and would love to make your wedding day an event to enjoy and a pleasant memory for all.

Don’t screw it up.

Don’t become this obsessed, high-maintenance, quasi-perfectionist overnight. It’s one thing to want roses as your flowers, it’s another thing to slap your florist because they weren’t “white enough”. It’s one thing to want your attendants to look nice, it’s another thing to bully them into buying over-priced dresses or cursing them out because one of them refuses to drop 100 pounds in 3 days. It’s one thing to want your day to be perfect, it’s another to cry, scream, or threaten your family, friends, and vendors into getting your way and your way only.

Although I feature ideas, inspiration, and vendors on my blog to help make your wedding day gorgeous, I am vehemently against the notion that the bride is always right. In order for your wedding day to run smoothly, there will be compromises and sacrifices and you will have to grit your teeth a bit. But, you’ll be much happier that you didn’t have a huge blow-up or didn’t get all in a tizzy over and ultimately temporary moment in the greater picture of your life when you have your love, your family, and your friendships intact.

Bridezillas aren’t brides. They are truly terrible individuals who were able to mask their awful personality up until one of the most memorable occasions of their life.

I hope that this isn’t the case with the brides who read this blog.