First, I would like to apologize for not featuring this sooner.

WeTV’s series Amazing Wedding Cakes kicked off its second season this past Sunday with some notable changes (warning, SPOILERS). For one thing, Lauri of The Cake Atelier in New York City is now independent of her “wet blanket” partner (to which I say good riddance) and has thus established a new shop dubbed Cake Alchemy. Judging from the shots of the cakes that she has made and the cake she created in the premiere, it looks like Lauri gets to stretch her creative wings (to which I say HUZZAH!).

In other “break-up” news Marc of Cake Divas has joined forces with Reva to form Merci Beaucoup Cakes in Los Angeles, California. Again, I’m looking forward to seeing the results of this new business.

Thankfully, The Cake Girls of Chicago, Illinois are still intact and cranking out gorgeous cakes.

Also, a second shop in California-Orange County, to be exact-has joined the ranks. Christopher Russom is the owner of Christopher Garren’s Cakes which specializes in high end, glamorous confections. I must say, the cake featured on the premiere episode was stunning and it left me wanting to see more. Garren, however, seems a tad abrasive and I’d like to see how it affects his coworkers.

We have yet to see from Merci Beaucoup because they seem to be alternating face time with Christopher Garren’s Cakes (after all, they are in the same state).

One of the cakes featured in the premiere. Created by Cake Alchemy. Taken from

One of the cakes featured in the premiere. Created by Cake Alchemy. Taken from

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