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Are you looking for clutches for yourself and your ‘maids? Are you looking for something that falls outside of the realm of plain satin? If so, Red Ruby Rose on Etsy has you covered. This shop features retro-shaped clutches with throughly modern motifs such as peacock feathers, and high-impact floral drawings, aiding in providing a practical way for you and your girls to carry your essentials during the big day. Each bag comes lined in silk for a luxurious feel and they can be used to punch up your fashion ensembles for years to come. They would make fantastic ‘maids gifts, or (if you’re willing to buck tradition), carry them down the aisle in lieu of flowers.

Click here to shop Red Ruby Rose on Etsy.


What happens when you mix the age-old tale of finding Prince Charming with vintage high glamour? You will get a celebration full of ethreal, opulent details and sheer bliss. Enjoy!

All photos taken from The

All photos taken from The

With environmentally conscious weddings becoming more and more abundant, brides everywhere are striving to find ways to lessen their impact on the environment while still reaching for a high-impact wedding. If you just so happen to be a green diva, then your wedding day attire should reflect it-and, the gowns designed by Adele Wechsler can help. This savvy South African wedding gown designer is all about creating high-fashion wedding gowns with eco-conscious materials such as hemp, vegetable dyes, and fabric remnants. Although the materials may seem primitive, the designs are thoroughly modern and appeal to sensibilities ranging from traditionally gorgeous to minimalist chic to bohemian whimsy.

Click here to visit Adele Wechsler’s webpage to view the entire collection and search for boutiques that carry her line.

Normlly, I’m not one to take online quizzes too serously; I normally view them as harmless fun or superficial insight at best. But, even I have to admit that the quiz I just took could help you get the ball rolling on your wedding , especially if you’re stumped on your style.

Lifestyle diva Susie Coelho has a book entitled Style Your Dream Wedding, which includes a quiz to help narrow down your wedding day style. However, there is no need to buy the cow-er, book. Coelho was gracious enough to make the quiz available online for free. After taking it myself, I must say that the results were more than accurate; they provided some concrete insight as to what type of decor, dress, and reception site  to go towards, among other seeds of wisdom. Take it for yourself, and I hope this simplifies your wedding day endeavors.

Click here to take the quiz.

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Asian elements such as hanging lanterns, paper parasols, and fans have become increasingly popular for wedding decor and favors for many couples. If you’re looking to add such flair to your wedding day, then I highly recommend Luna Bazaar. Luna Bazaar is an online boutique that specializes in Asian decor. Their lanterns, parasols, and fans come in a bevy of colors, shapes (such as stars) and patterns. They also have a host of candle holders (some are even shaped like lotus flowers) to infuse a subtle touch of he Orient into your big day. Furthermore, the reduced and bulk pricing on the products won’t eat away at your budget.

Click here to shop at Luna Bazaar.

The current news of Kesha Ni’Cole Nichols being slighted out of her wedding to NBA star Richard Jefferson gave me the impetus to cover the worst fear of any bride: getting left at the altar.

Although Nichols received fair warning, others in a similar situation may not be so lucky. Furthermore, the guests will most likely not have a night out with the defector’s high-end credit card. So, what is a woman to do when her big day gets cancelled due to a runaway groom? While I’m no expert on the subject, I think I have a plan that could help.

It’s My Party and I’ll Cry If I Want To: Most people would reason that the bride must keep a stiff upper lip when this happens. If you find the strength to keep your cool under such extreme circumstances, more power to you. But, if you’re naturally weepy, feel free to cry. However, this isn’t where you reveal your secret hatred for your former future in-laws. Whichever route you take, stay dignified and classy and avoid having an epic meltdown.

Stay The Night: If you can stomach it, I say that you deserve to have that bridal suite and all of the perks that came with it. Funny enough, most of the foods associated with a romantic evening (chocolate, champagne, gourmet breakfast) are comfort foods in times of distress, so have at it. But, don’t drink yourself into oblivion. It won’t make you feel better and hangovers are not fun. If the reception hall is already paid for, why not let your guests enjoy it anyway? They do need to eat. But, if that’s too much, you have every right to send everyone home.

Give it Up to the Guests: Chances are, the guests will feel sympathy for you and will send their apologies and words of encouragement. Accept them graciously. Just be mindful of those who may get a bit gossip-y; make sure you don’t dish out too much information on the particulars of what really happened-unless, of course, it’s already public knowledge. Also, be sure to thank your guests for attending what would have been your big day (and, keep them in mind for the second attempt-hey, it’ll happen). Also, your thank you cards now have an excuse to be witty: when actress Diane Farr got jilted by her fiancé, her thank you card read “Met the right guy-gave him the wrong finger. Thank you for your support”.

After the Aggravation: There are two ways you can go about things after this happens. You could wallow forever in self-pity, get terribly miserable every time this is brought up, vow to never love again, and get markedly depressed on your former wedding date each and every year thereafter…

Don’t you DARE do this!

Despite what you may think, this is not the end of the world. I give you permission to be sad for a week. Seven days. That’s it.

Then, get up, put on some (real) clothes, and keep in mind that perhaps that your getting left at the altar is a blessing in disguise. Instead of having to deal with a failed marriage (either by way of divorce or sheer misery), the louse that was dumb enough to leave you on the day of all days gave you a chance to find the One. The Real One. Bonus: you have yet another chance to plan an even more fabulous wedding and experience a happy marriage with the one that will never leave your side.

One last thought: until you acquire a new anniversary date, why not celebrate your almost-wedding anniversary? I know divorceés who do something special for themselves on their former wedding anniversaries be it go out on the town with friends, throw a party, or simply indulge in some other gratifying activity. Something to think about…

Better luck next time...

Better luck next time...

OK, this blog isn’t exactly related to weddings.

Actually, this blog is by no means related to weddings.

However, I feel the need to feature it because the content is absolutely fantastic. Take 2 Of These is the brainchild of Grande Marshall, an avid hip-hop culture enthusiast who stays up on new music, fashion, and social issues regarding the subculture’s citizens. I must say that after I dig myself out from under the ten-layer tulle (i.e., wedding news), I make it a point to go over to this blog to get my fix (pun intended).

Besides, the new minimalist format is trés chic, in a street-savvy way, of course.

Click here to Take 2 Of These-and, call me in the morning.

Bridal magazines are often used by brides and wedding planners alike as a source of inspiration and information regarding trends in attire, decor, flowers, and other subjects related to weddings. But, what happens when a highly recognized fashion and bridal magazine gathers all of the timeless bits of information into a book and offers it as a classic guide for every bride? The answer can be found in the book InStyle Weddings.

InStyle Weddings is a 500+ page masterpiece full of photographs and advice regarding the planning of an elegant, glamorous, over-the-top affair. The striking images are often accompanied by helpful information and comprehensive break-downs regarding subjects that include the difference between letterpress and thermography, what embellishments will drive up the cost of a wedding dress, and the budding seasons of the most popular flowers used in weddings. Bonus-each section ends by featuring the nuptials of some of Tinseltown’s heavy hitters (Jenny McCarthy and Mariska Hargitay to name a few). Besides, once the honeymoon is over, this book will look terribly chic on your coffee table for years to come.

Click here to purchase from

Click here to purchase from

After receiving my Real Simple Wedding newsletter, I figured that this would be a helpful link to share with any brides seriously considering DIY floral arrangements. This nifty guide shows a price listing for the most popular wedding flowers so you can know where to splurge and where to save.

Click here for the Real Simple Flower Pricing Guide.

Photo by Tara Donne,

Photo by Tara Donne,

Although weddings are where most people tend to shell out the most money, I would say that the vast majority of us would like to avoid falling deeply into debt over an ice luge. On the other hand, cheap doesn’t equal chic-or, does it? The book Wedding Chicby Nina Willdorf takes the penny-pinching savvy from her previous book City Chicand applies it to weddings by opening up a world of wallet-friendly alternatives for your nuptials that will save you money, but will still look timeless, classy, and beautiful. The book, divided into three sections, covers how to maximize the almighty dollar in choosing the dress, the venue, the cake, the honeymoon, and every other aspect in between. Furthermore, the quotes from various wedding professionals (such as David Tutera and Sylvia Weinstock) and other fashionably frugal brides gives you a manual on the triumphs (and mistakes) that brides make when it comes to dollars and sense so you may reap the rewards.

Oh, did I mention that Willdorf is charmingly witty throughout the book?

If your looking for tips on planning a fabulous wedding on a modest budget, then Wedding Chic will most definitely help you achieve your big dreams for the big day-even if you lack the big bucks.


Click here to see some additional professional reviews and to purchase.