Normlly, I’m not one to take online quizzes too serously; I normally view them as harmless fun or superficial insight at best. But, even I have to admit that the quiz I just took could help you get the ball rolling on your wedding , especially if you’re stumped on your style.

Lifestyle diva Susie Coelho has a book entitled Style Your Dream Wedding, which includes a quiz to help narrow down your wedding day style. However, there is no need to buy the cow-er, book. Coelho was gracious enough to make the quiz available online for free. After taking it myself, I must say that the results were more than accurate; they provided some concrete insight as to what type of decor, dress, and reception site  to go towards, among other seeds of wisdom. Take it for yourself, and I hope this simplifies your wedding day endeavors.

Click here to take the quiz.

Click here to buy the book.