The transportation bit of the wedding plans is usually delegated to the groom and/or the best man for two main reasons: they’re men, and men (stereotypically, anyway) know and love everything about cars. But, there’s much more that comes with renting a car than saying “I want that one!” and signing on the dotted line. Here are a few things you should consider when searching for transportation options to be used on your wedding day.

Book Early, Check Often: Contrary to popular belief, your wedding day transportation plans are something that should be taken care of early-say, six months in advance. Getting married between the months of April and June? Book even earlier, since legions of teens will be renting limos for prom. Also, check your reservation often to avoid being double-booked (and, in the event you are booted out, early detection will buy you time to initiate a Plan B).

Show Yourself: Yes, it would be easiest to make the reservations by calling or via email. However, actually showing up to the rental headquarters will allow you to truly meet the owner and your chauffeur and you’ll be able to inspect the cars closely. Furthermore, they may clue you in on other transport options that wouldn’t have even been mentioned over the phone and bargaining for discounts is a much easier task when done face-to-face.

Let Her Come: By “her”, I mean your fiancée. Getting your future wife to tag along and play the role of the blushing bride could score some major perks, such as complementary champagne or an extra hour thrown into your wedding package. True, it’s a bargaining chip, but it’s not a dishonest one. After all, everyone wants to make the bride happy, right?

Don’t Go Over the Limit: Is the 22-seat stretch Hummer with black-lights and shag carpeting awesome? Yes. But, what if you’ll need it for only 10 minutes? Keep in mind that most limo rentals require at least a three-hour minimum rental time, and the costs that come along with it. If you have a large wedding party, then go for all of the bells and whistles. Otherwise, stick to a town car or an eight-seat stunner.

Buck Tradition: So, the limo isn’t your thing, huh? No problem! There are plenty of transportation options you could utilize for the big day. An old-school VW bus may speak to your inner flower child, or a two-seater sports car may satisfy your need for speed. Or, maybe a vintage Rolls Royce will add an extra hint of glamour to your affair. In any case, rent the vehicle that fits your needs and wants. But, don’t leave your wedding party thumbing a lift; rent them some transportation as a sign of gratitude so they too can arrive in style.

Keep this guide in mind while searching for your set of wheels to get to (and from) the wedding.

Photo taken by Liz Banfield for

Photo taken by Liz Banfield for