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Bridal Blitz II

Top row, left to right: Amsale, Caroline Devillo, Dolly Couture, Vera Wang.

Bottom row, left to right:Saja, Kenneth Pool, Jenny Yoo, Watters & Watters.


Pretty Peacock

I am a sucker for Tacori jewelry. This chic, sophisticated label churns out some of the most beautiful bling I have ever seen. While clicking through their website, I discovered that they have a Ring Personality Quiz, which will help guide your groom to the best style for you. He can also customize the original results to further suit your tastes. Have him take the quiz (or take it yourself) so you can start searching in the right direction.

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For brides with a steampunk edge to their style, I highly recommend Nouveau Motley. Their collection of jewelry-full of ornate filigree and cameos- will add the perfect accent to your neo-Victorian aesthetic. Even your groom can get in on the trend with their collection of ornate cufflinks. Even for those who aren’t heavily influenced by this style movement, any bride or groom who wants to add a touch of Old World elegance to their look should definitely take a look at their wares.

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By the way, my offer still stands. Please send your Real Weddings to

I conclude my Mad Men musings with Peggy Olson, the girl-next-door gone awry. Even though she has been through a lot, Peggy’s outer appearance still maintains a girl-next-door vibe, sweet, virginal, maybe even a little stuffy. Even so, I think she’s have a little fun on her big day and go for a classic tea-length frock, perhaps with a little pattern or lots of pouf.

I sifted through my archive last night and I’ve noticed a terrible oversight on my part. Most, if not all, other bridal blogs invite their readers to submit the photos and stories behind their big day…

And I have done no such thing, opting instead to bombard you with my musings and my musings alone.

Shame on me!

So, I would like to offer my apologies-and, an invitation to all of my readers to submit their wedding day photos along with the stories behind them. Feel free to submit a vendors’ list too.

Send all of your wedding stories to’ll be waiting!

I continue my Mad Men ravings with analyzing the possible bridal style by the queen of sexy secretaries Joan Harris (formerly known as Joan Holloway). She tends to wear clothes that fit her voluptuous frame to perfection, but rarely if ever resorts to the obvious ploy of cleavage-baring tops or mini skirts. Chances are, this red-headed siren would go for a trumpet-style gown that highlights her curves, but demure enough to maintain her sense of mystery.

It’s no secret that I am into all things retro, especially when it comes to fashion. It’s also no secret that retro fashion has seen a long-overdue resurrection thanks to the immense popularity of AMC’s hit drama Mad Men. After perusing a gallery of fashions worn by the likes of January Jones and the deliciously curvaceous Christina Hendricks, I got to thinking: what would the main mavens of Mad Men wear on their wedding day? After scouring through a few (hundred) dresses, I think I may have the answers. Let’s start this brief series with the ultimate desperate housewife: Betty Draper.

Betty Draper is all about looking preened and polished despite her tumultuous marriage to Don Draper.Since she has finally left  the scoundrel for Prince Charming, I imagine that she would wear a classic ball gown, one with clean lines  and a sash or belt to accentuate her slim waist.

I saw this Valentine’s Day-themed dessert buffet done by the talented Amy Atlas on Hostess with the Mostess’ blog and I just had to share it! The pink color scheme, French macaroons, and overall lovely presentation could serve as some inspiration for a dessert buffet for your bridal shower or wedding. What’s not to love?

Too sweet for words! Click here to see the rest of Amy Atlas' creation. is known for the ultimate customization of various things, including apparel, coffee mugs, and posters. However, they also have a wide range of wedding invitations designed by various vendors with a wide range of styles from kitschy to elegant. Furthermore, with each invite you are able to choose your paper type (including linen, recycled and metallic varieties), font, and personalize your message.

But, what if a vendor doesn’t have an invitation that suits you? No worries! You also have the option of creating your own invites from scratch (as long as you sign up for a free account). With the photo uploading tool, a library of background colors, and over 300 fonts to choose from, the possibilities can stretch as far as you imagination.

The best part of Zazzle products is definitely the price. 50 DIY invitations (envelopes included) can be had for only $36 plus shipping, while most vendors mark up the price only a bit more than that.

So, if your a bride on a budget and still desire ultimate cusomization, then Zazzle is a great option for your wedding stationary.

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