is known for the ultimate customization of various things, including apparel, coffee mugs, and posters. However, they also have a wide range of wedding invitations designed by various vendors with a wide range of styles from kitschy to elegant. Furthermore, with each invite you are able to choose your paper type (including linen, recycled and metallic varieties), font, and personalize your message.

But, what if a vendor doesn’t have an invitation that suits you? No worries! You also have the option of creating your own invites from scratch (as long as you sign up for a free account). With the photo uploading tool, a library of background colors, and over 300 fonts to choose from, the possibilities can stretch as far as you imagination.

The best part of Zazzle products is definitely the price. 50 DIY invitations (envelopes included) can be had for only $36 plus shipping, while most vendors mark up the price only a bit more than that.

So, if your a bride on a budget and still desire ultimate cusomization, then Zazzle is a great option for your wedding stationary.

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