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Old School Glamour


Modern Victorian

Squares have made their appearance in reception decor and they are slated to stay for a long time, especially in terms of cocktail and contemporary-style receptions. Aside from the recent appearance of square tables, you may take this shape even further by using square vases for flowers or candles. Futhermore, squares are taken into account with cakes, invitations, and place settings. However, be sure to have a few frilly or sinuous elements thrown in so the overall vibe isn’t misconstrued as harsh or, worse yet, boring.

Amid the brunch and cocktail receptions, several forward-thinking brides are turning towards family-style catering for their hungry guests. This method of serving a post-ceremony meal, in which large platters of food are set on guests’ tables so they may serve themselves, could serve as a great conversation starter and instills a sense of… well, family among guests at the wedding. It can also serve as decor if you choose to use serving dishes that complement your color scheme. There is only one word of caution: such a style of catering can be interpreted as casual and is only conducive to smaller guests lists-say, 100 people or less. Otherwise, stick to standard wait staff or buffet service.

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Wedding day decor and fashion have taken flight with feathers. Whether its soft, white, marabou accents on a veil to rows of them filling out the skirt of a wedding gown to jewel toned peacock plumes accenting opulent flower arrangements, these light and airy elements add just the right amount of magic. The glamour attached to this new trend is best saved for brides who want to add a touch of glamourous whimsy to their surroundings on the big day.

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m all about unique touches when it comes to weddings, especially in the form of wedding rings. By trusting Fabuluster with your wedding bands, you cannot be any more unique with your choice.

Fabuluster is headed by a talented husband and wife team that handcrafts jewelry and wedding bands featuring… wait for it … your fingerprints! The shop will send a wax mold kit where you and your partner make an impression of your digit, then Fabuluster takes care of the rest according to your specifications. Such a unique process may seem priceless, but the actual costs of the bands are very affordable. They even have a double set for a mere $275, plus shipping. Although Fabuluster has a few ready-made items available, I would be hard pressed to find a couple who wouldn’t want their beloved wrapped around their finger…

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It looks like more and more girls are no longer BFF with diamonds. Instead, many brides are opting to wear their favorite gemstone on their left hand to symbolize their pending nuptials. Although  the rings may have a few diamond accents for added sparkle, the center stone will be anything from amethyst to ruby to sapphire-even pink topaz and pearls. This colorful break with tradition is sure to stand the test of time. Who says diamonds are forever?

This spring, bridesmaids’ dresses are beginning to bloom with another option besides solid colors that coordinate with the wedding day decor. The floral print has been seen as an overall popular trend, and this trend has finally made its way into wedding wardrobe. I find that such a style of dress lends itself very nicely to an outdoor, garden-style wedding. Furthermore, the print could serve as inspiration for the rest of your wedding day decor instead of the other way around.

Spring Fling

I was absolutely floored by a post on the blog Your Wedding Day I saw last night. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the future of tent design!

San Francisco event designer Robert Fountain has created a new product that will make the ubiquitous white tent obsolete. Enter: printed velon, a vinyl-based material that can be printed with limitless colors, patterns, and logos that will truly take wedding decor to an entirely new level.

There are several advantages to printed velon. For one, the price of about $4 per yard completely surpasses the $20 per yard often charged for traditional fabric draping. Furthermore, the material can be used as a wallpaper, a cushion cover-even a chair decal when using Crystal Velon. For you environmentally-conscious brides, this material is %100 recyclable. Gorgeous, cheap, versatile, and eco-friendly-what’s not to love?

…One minor caveat-the product has ceased production until at least October of this year, putting many people who are getting married in the earlier part of 2010 out of the opportunity to use this new material. For those who will be marrying after October: good things come to those who wait!

An example of printed velon used at an event (Photo originally seen on YourWeddingDay.Com)

Click here to read the original blog post on Your Wedding Day.

This will eventually be the link to the printed velon shop-save it for the October relaunch!