To be honest, I had no idea up until now that co-ed bridal showers were so taboo. I suppose that this is the case because every shower I have attended (eight and counting) involved the attendance of both genders from both sides of the couple. After all, who doesn’t like a party?

However, some brides are still struggling with the concept of having both guys and girls at their showers. It’s not that they’re against it, they just don’t know how to throw a traditionally feminine event without drowning their more masculine guests in a sea of pink tulle, and sugary-sweet bridal games while simultaneously maintaining a certain level of chintz and class. Well, here are a few tips to throwing a great bridal shower that both sexes can enjoy.

Find Neutral Territory
This advice comes in three parts. To begin, chances are one of your bridesmaids will be hosting the shower-or, sometimes one of the mothers do so. Establish from the beginning that you want a co-ed shower. If they balk at this because of tradition, tell them that you want to share this celebration with all of your friends and family, not just the girls. If they’re still hesitant, compromise-have a co-ed shower now and an all-girls event later, possibly hosted by two different individuals. Besides, you can’t beat having two parties!

The second part of this advice has to do with the venue and the decor. Even if you choose a feminine color such as pink, dressing it up with neutrals such as chocolate brown or black tone down the sweetness just enough for the guys. Then again, don’t feel obligated to host your event at a sports bar because your FH’s frat buddies are invited. Naturally, the decor will lean towards feminine, but here are a few links to parties that appealed to both sexes:

Global Lounge Style by Hostess with the Mostess

Real Wedding by Style Me Pretty

The (Un)Wedding by Brides

Another thing to consider: have a bridesmaid and a groomsman act as a host. That way, the two of them can put there heads together to throw a party that honors both your likes and the likes of your fiance. Who knows? Maybe this could also serve as a sneaky way test your match-making skills…

Feed The Masses
I have yet to meet any man who is a “light” eater, so chances are they won’t be too excited about a menu of cucumber sandwiches and tea. Then again, our more dainty, health-conscious sisters may not understand the delicious virtues of buffalo wings and cheesy fries. So, how do you feed both parties without leaving one side starving and the others too full to speak? Go ahead and mix bridal shower standards such as crudites, pasta salads, puff pastries, and the like along with heartier options such as mozzarella sticks, spring rolls and-heck, even bring out the bufallo wings! There is no rule that says you have to keep the meal light, just light-hearted. Here are a few party menus that will definitely have your guests coming back for seconds:

Modern Fiesta by Epicurious

Spicy Holiday Cocktail Party by Chow

Easy Tapas Party by Food Network

Bridal Shower Drinks and Apps by Delish

Play Nice
Some may think that the guys will sit out of the bridal shower games. Think again! As is usually the case with their competitive streak, men will gladly participate. Classics such as “The Oldly Wed” game or “Who knows the Bride and Groom Best” are all fair. Just make sure the prizes given out are gender neutral: one time a guy I knew won a shower game-his prize was a nail polish set.

eHow’s Guide to Co-d Bridal Shower Games

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