When it comes to drafting a guest list, some people quickly find that their network of family and friends is much larger than they anticipated-and, unfortunately can afford. So, unless they want to impose a cover charge on the guests, they must cut the list.

Fifth cousin (thrice removed) you just found out about yesterday? Gone

Coworkers (that, face it, you don’t even like to begin with)? Buh-bye.

Your friend’s boyfriend? Umm…

Yes, many couples balk as disinviting a friend’s significant other. After all, that’s their baby, their boo. They’ll be lonely without them-I mean, who are they going to dance with when the DJ starts playing the slow jams?

In my eyes, the babes deserves an invite if…

*They are in a committed relationship (a year together, living together, engaged themselves)

*They are also a part of a close circle of friends

*You actually like them

If this just so happens to be a flavor of the week, then don’t even bother extending an invitation.

Also, what if they break up during the planning phase? Well, that’s a case-by-case basis. In some cases, they may excuse themselves from the guest list. If, however, they still have a spot make sure that A) BOTH parties will act civil and not bring their relationship drama to your big day and B) reassign their seats so that they don’t have an awkward moment during the toasts.

If they have a problem with it? Well, maybe you’ll have room to invite that obscure cousin after all…