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Candy bars are still in for 2011 and this boutique candy shop based in Southern California wants to help sweeten your set-up.

Have It Sweet specializes in gourmet caramels, nougat, and marshmallows, all of them handmade and infused with unique favors. Their caramel bars have gained notoriety with innovative flavors such as The  Earl, made with Earl Grey tea, and Mayan Chocolat, a unique mix of sweet and spicy. Their nougat collection is also worth noting, as the flavors incorporate a variety of nuts and, in the case of the Cherry Walnut variety, fruit.

Personally, I am enamored with their marshmallow collection. With their modern square shape and flavors that go beyond vanilla (a snickerdoodle marshmallow-just imagine!) are sure to give your sweets table an edge. I especially love their rainbow marshmallow option, especially for brides that want to add even more color to their festivities.

Have It Sweet is a delicious option, but the small quantities available for sale don’t lend itself well to budget-conscious bulk orders-stick to using them for smaller soirées (for now at least).

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Maybe this Etsy seller caught my eye because it shares the same name as my mother.

On the other hand, it could be the lovely, vintage-inspired gowns that Love, June offers. In any case, I am impressed with the style options available to brides and bridesmaids looking for beautifully constructed, reasonably priced dresses made in a way that no piece of fabric gets thrown into the garbage. Talk about getting your money’s worth.

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Click here to shop Love, June on Etsy.

Hello readers.

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been largely absent this month…

But, I assure you that I am returning right here right now!

School, work, and life in general have picked up this week and thus I haven’t had the time to blog as often as I would have liked.

But, with some time opening up, I am making my return to Chicista Weddings. I cannot WAIT to share my new findings.