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It has been approximately 5 months since I’ve went all natural, i.e., grew out my relaxer. Working with my natural texture has been great so far, with only minor challenges. However,a major challenge for natural-haired brides is finding hairstyles for their big day. Thankfully, Offbeat Bride has contributed to the solution by writing a post featuring natural-haired brides rocking gorgeous wedding hairstyles. Thanks Ariel!

How chic! Click here to read the full post on Offbeat Bride.


Recently I purchased a piece from this Etsy seller and, I must say, their pieces would make the perfect bridesmaid’s gift. With delicate necklaces, earring, and rings featuring non-traditional stones, JewelParadise’s well-made, affordable accessories would make any woman smile. I’m especially impressed with the more whimsical necklaces featuring camera and calla lily charms. Check them out!

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Click here to shop JewelParadise on Etsy.

Now that the temperatures are dipping, I would imagine that many brides would want warmth and coverage, which strapless dresses simply cannot offer. Thankfully, with a return to retro modesty and a current obsession with Bella Swan, sleeves are returning to bridal wear in a big way. Below: a slideshow of some favorites for inspiration. What do you think?

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I know, you’re probably tired of seeing these posts, about how I “had to take a break.”

To be honest, I had every intention of blogging regularly from August…

Then, my friend died…

Then, I got sick…

Then several other life events, both good and bad, that have kept me from blogging.

Now that everything has been resolved and the holidays have arrived, I now have the time, energy and motivation to get the ball rolling on what I like to do best: blogging about weddings.

No more games this time, folks. I’m back for good!