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It has been approximately 5 months since I’ve went all natural, i.e., grew out my relaxer. Working with my natural texture has been great so far, with only minor challenges. However,a major challenge for natural-haired brides is finding hairstyles for their big day. Thankfully, Offbeat Bride has contributed to the solution by writing a post featuring natural-haired brides rocking gorgeous wedding hairstyles. Thanks Ariel!

How chic! Click here to read the full post on Offbeat Bride.


I know, you’re probably tired of seeing these posts, about how I “had to take a break.”

To be honest, I had every intention of blogging regularly from August…

Then, my friend died…

Then, I got sick…

Then several other life events, both good and bad, that have kept me from blogging.

Now that everything has been resolved and the holidays have arrived, I now have the time, energy and motivation to get the ball rolling on what I like to do best: blogging about weddings.

No more games this time, folks. I’m back for good!

Apparently, I haven’t posted in a bit. Truth be told, a fantastic internship opportunity has come my way and, chances are, my new postings will be infrequent at best. But, not to worry. I won’t be jumping ship any time soon 🙂

In the meantime, take a look at this Anthropologie-inspired wedding on Green Wedding Shoes. Aside from the fact that Anthropologie is one of my absolute favorite stores, I’m so glad that this wedding captures simplicity, intimacy and craftiness at its best.

What's not to love? Click here to see the full wedding.

I sifted through my archive last night and I’ve noticed a terrible oversight on my part. Most, if not all, other bridal blogs invite their readers to submit the photos and stories behind their big day…

And I have done no such thing, opting instead to bombard you with my musings and my musings alone.

Shame on me!

So, I would like to offer my apologies-and, an invitation to all of my readers to submit their wedding day photos along with the stories behind them. Feel free to submit a vendors’ list too.

Send all of your wedding stories to’ll be waiting!

I have relaunched my fashion blog!

Click here to take a look!

The people over at Cocktails and Details beat me to it! I must say that this list of forbidden actions hit the nail on the head and will save you much heartache during the planning process of your wedding day.

Oh, and that last tip applies to this blog too…

Click here to see the list.

OK, this blog isn’t exactly related to weddings.

Actually, this blog is by no means related to weddings.

However, I feel the need to feature it because the content is absolutely fantastic. Take 2 Of These is the brainchild of Grande Marshall, an avid hip-hop culture enthusiast who stays up on new music, fashion, and social issues regarding the subculture’s citizens. I must say that after I dig myself out from under the ten-layer tulle (i.e., wedding news), I make it a point to go over to this blog to get my fix (pun intended).

Besides, the new minimalist format is trés chic, in a street-savvy way, of course.

Click here to Take 2 Of These-and, call me in the morning.