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You know that I LOVE me some David Tutera. Not only is he ridiculously handsome, he is a brilliant wedding planner and his reality series My Fair Wedding on WETV is a fabulous show full of touching moments and fabulous events.

I DVR all of his episodes, but his new book helps me literally read into the magic behind… well, the magic. Tutera’s book chooses 10 of the most memorable weddings from the first three seasons of the show and allows readers an intimate look behind the scenes, detailing the challenges that were conquered, and it includes testimonials from the brides themselves, some of which will bring tears to your eyes. Along with the profiles, Tutera offers practical advice on fashion, decor, transportation, the ceremony and many other aspects of wedding planning.

Oh, and needless to say, the book is filled with gorgeous photographs.

Definitely a must-read for brides looking for inspiration-both with wedding details and a positive outlook on wedding planning.

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Roney appeared on Fox Business yesterday to talk about trends in the wedding industry, including its recession-proof nature, a decline in destination weddings, and an increase in DIY brides.

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Carley Roney; Founder, Editor-in-Chief; The Knot Magazine

It’s no secret that I am into all things retro, especially when it comes to fashion. It’s also no secret that retro fashion has seen a long-overdue resurrection thanks to the immense popularity of AMC’s hit drama Mad Men. After perusing a gallery of fashions worn by the likes of January Jones and the deliciously curvaceous Christina Hendricks, I got to thinking: what would the main mavens of Mad Men wear on their wedding day? After scouring through a few (hundred) dresses, I think I may have the answers. Let’s start this brief series with the ultimate desperate housewife: Betty Draper.

Betty Draper is all about looking preened and polished despite her tumultuous marriage to Don Draper.Since she has finally left  the scoundrel for Prince Charming, I imagine that she would wear a classic ball gown, one with clean lines  and a sash or belt to accentuate her slim waist.

Josh Brooks and Jung Lee of Fete are here to stay-well, for the fall, anyway.

The new show Wedded to Perfection premieres tomorrow night on TLC. I can’t wait to see this husband-and-wife duo tackle the issues related to planning over-the-top extravagant wedding celebrations in the bustling city of New York on top of raising a family. Let the glamour-and, the stress- begin!

Jung Lee of Fete and Wedded to Perfection.

Jung Lee of Fete and Wedded to Perfection.

Click here to visit the Wedded to Perfection page on for bios, and episode guide, a sneak peek, and to check local listings.

Wait, didn’t I write a post about this show some time ago?

Why, yes, yes I did. However, this isn’t a sneak peak we’re talking about. TLC’s Masters of Reception is showing its official series premire tonight! Now, we’ll be able to follow the Frungillo brothers weekly as they tackle the challenges and enjoy the triumphs of running one of New Jersey’s most successful reception halls. Episodes will run every Tuesday at 10:00 PM, Eastern time.

Click here to visit the official page on TLC for episode guides, tips, and more information about the show.

Click here to visit the webpage for Frungillo Catering (a great resource for brides planning to marry in New Jersey!).

The fall show previews just keep on coming from TLC, and they all have to do with weddings! Next up: Happily Ever Faster, a show that documents the inner workings of the Las Vegas quickie wedding as done by  Chapel of the Flowers, owned by husband and wife team Jason and Holly Meyers. This chapel, located in downtown Vegas, is a 60 year-old family business that marries an average of 5,000 couples a year in an elegant fashion that makes them stand out from their quickie wedding counterparts. I hope you’re just as psyched about taking a look into their world as I am. If so, be sure to tune in at 10:30 EST to watch.

Click here to visit the show’s Myspace page, or click here to set a reminder on the TLC website.

TNT already has plenty of fantastic scripted dramas (The Closer is a favorite of mine). But on June 16th the network will test the waters of reality TV…and weddings.

The new reality series Wedding Day will focus on deserving couples with not a lot of money for a dream wedding. The show will be hosted by celebrity planners Alan Dunn and Diann Valentine and will chronicle how family and friends come together to make sure the couple’s big day is a stylish success. The series premieres on June 16th, so set your TiVos!

Click here to go to the series’ homepage for host bios and a sneak peek at the premiere episode.

First, I would like to apologize for not featuring this sooner.

WeTV’s series Amazing Wedding Cakes kicked off its second season this past Sunday with some notable changes (warning, SPOILERS). For one thing, Lauri of The Cake Atelier in New York City is now independent of her “wet blanket” partner (to which I say good riddance) and has thus established a new shop dubbed Cake Alchemy. Judging from the shots of the cakes that she has made and the cake she created in the premiere, it looks like Lauri gets to stretch her creative wings (to which I say HUZZAH!).

In other “break-up” news Marc of Cake Divas has joined forces with Reva to form Merci Beaucoup Cakes in Los Angeles, California. Again, I’m looking forward to seeing the results of this new business.

Thankfully, The Cake Girls of Chicago, Illinois are still intact and cranking out gorgeous cakes.

Also, a second shop in California-Orange County, to be exact-has joined the ranks. Christopher Russom is the owner of Christopher Garren’s Cakes which specializes in high end, glamorous confections. I must say, the cake featured on the premiere episode was stunning and it left me wanting to see more. Garren, however, seems a tad abrasive and I’d like to see how it affects his coworkers.

We have yet to see from Merci Beaucoup because they seem to be alternating face time with Christopher Garren’s Cakes (after all, they are in the same state).

One of the cakes featured in the premiere. Created by Cake Alchemy. Taken from

One of the cakes featured in the premiere. Created by Cake Alchemy. Taken from

Click here to visit the Amazing Wedding Cakes page on for showings of the premiere, future episodes, photos, and even more goodies.

TLC is previewing yet another series dealing with the wedding reception process. This time, we will dive into the world of the Frungillo brothers, Robert and Gerald, as they tackle two weddings on the opposite style spectrum-and, on the same day. I’m looking forward to watching how these two run such a lucrative-and, stressful-family business. Click here to see the showtimes according to TLC and to set up a reminder.

Also, click here to visit Frungillo Caterers online.