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I know, we’ve been down this road before: I write often, I disappear, I apologize for my absence and vow to never do it again, and the cycle starts over.

It’s not that I don’t LOVE blogging about weddings. I adore it-but, there simply aren’t enough hours in the day, especially when the semester is in full swing.

But, it’s summer now, which means longer periods of daylight and more time to keep updating this blog. I’ve missed y’all so much and I can’t wait to get going again.

So, let’s start out with Bridal Market coverage, shall we?


As you can see the “end of the week” hasn’t arrived until now.

Due to some unforeseen circumstances, I had to put the blog on the proverbial back burner. Now that my life is back in order, I can now start updating Chicista Weddings on a regular basis again with the latest in wedding trends.

Also, with two(!) of my sorority sisters engaged, I’ll have a ton to talk about, especially when it comes to the personal experiences to come.

Sorry to keep you waiting so long!

Hello readers.

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been largely absent this month…

But, I assure you that I am returning right here right now!

School, work, and life in general have picked up this week and thus I haven’t had the time to blog as often as I would have liked.

But, with some time opening up, I am making my return to Chicista Weddings. I cannot WAIT to share my new findings.

Sorry for the lack of posts; even at the end of the year I still have a million things on my plate.

Now that I have some time, I would like to thank you all for your continued support. I look forward to writing even more in 2011. Hopefully, some real weddings will also be featured-but, it’s up to you to submit your story along with photos to

See you next year!

I know of a couple that got married several years ago in November and took advantage of the season. Instead of serving the usual chicken or filet mignon, they served a meal of turkey with stuffing and seasonal vegetables, presented elegantly and enjoyed by all. Perhaps they were ahead of the seasonal catering trend popping up this season. From what I can see, they came out on top (and under budget) for three reasons:

Guaranteed Freshness: So, it’s November and you’re hell-bent on having strawberries? Think twice, as these and other summer fruits are not at their peak season, ergo the quality may be sub-par. Instead, stick to fruits in season such as apples, figs, pomegranates, pears and cranberries, just to name a few, when they are at their best and can be incorporated into truly delectable dishes.

Cost-Effective: On the note of guaranteed freshness, I’m sure that you wouldn’t want to pay more for a lesser quality wedding meal, especially if you’re on a tight budget. Well, if you go for products that are out of season, that is exactly what you will be doing. Furthermore, holiday favorites such as turkey begin to cost less than chicken or fish during this time, making it a welcome alternative to the usual wedding meal suspects.

Comforting: There is also the comfort factor to consider. True, you and your guests may be eating a lot of turkey, stuffing, candied yams, pumpkin pie… but, is anybody complaining? These food tend to be comforting to most and rarely get complaints, thus making sure there is something for everyone. Besides, these food can be presented in an elegant, whimsical fashion (say pumpkin soup served in miniature pumpkins), lending a posh twist to a perennial favorite.

With that being said, here are my picks for a fall wedding menu, all taken from

Spicy Green Salad with Machego and Pears
Butternut Squash and Apple Soup

Main Course
Porcini Mushroom Turkey with Mushroom Gravy
Rustic Bread Stuffing with Bell Pepper and Fresh Thyme
Haricots Verts, Roasted Fennel and Shallots

Harvest Pear Crisp with Candied Ginger
Cafe Au Lait Pudding
Pumpkin Custard Profiteroles with Maple Caramel

Signature Cocktails
The Autumn Orchard
Rosemary Martini
Flaming Brandy Punch

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In keeping with my love for cocktails (and mocktails), I’ve decided to run a series of entries dedicated to delicious libations that can be provided for your guests at your wedding reception. So, stay tuned!

Sweet Sherbet

May the new year bring forth new love and new nuptials!

Time to break out the bubbly!

The gowns from Ian Stuart had two elements that I just adored. On the one hand were a few short dresses that reflect the retro-chic vibe that I’ve come to fall in love with. On the other hand were ball gown, trumpet, and A-line frocks that were full of grace, charm, and drama.

Click here to see the full collection.

Well, off I go to participate in a dear friend’s wedding as a bridesmaid! Have a great weekend to all and don’t worry-there WILL be pictures.