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Minter and Richter Designs is an Etsy shop that fashions wedding bands out of the most unlikely materials. The shop has the usual suspects (titanium) and has picked up on some trends (woodgrain inlay)… but, how many people can say that their wedding band features concrete? It may be considered an industrial material, but Minter and Richter designs incorporates it in a way that makes the final product an elegant option with  a little edge.

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I have found yet another source of wedding-worthy headpieces on Etsy. Pegasus Maiden by Aerisk specializes in feather fascinators and steampunk hair accessories. Although their specialties are gorgeous, I must confess that I really fell in love with their large rose and butterfly pieces. Their classic birdcage veil is nothing to sneeze at either. What makes these quality pieces even more attractive-and accessible-is their ridiculously low price, thus proving once again that elegance van be had at all budgets.

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Once again, I am impressed with wedding bands made with alternative materials! Custom Jewelry by Johan is an Etsy seller that specializes in titanium, meteorite, and wood-grain rings that would be perfect for the modern couple. Johan also accepts custom work-just send him a sketch and he will turn it into reality. But, if your imagination doesn’t stretch so far, simply choose one of the gorgeous ready-made designs.

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I was browsing through the Etsy “Wedding” section and came across these gorgeous ring bearer pillows by White Thistle Bridal Designs. These would be the perfect accessory to a garden wedding, as these pillows features an oversize replica of floral favorites. For those who are more minimalist, there are several simpler designs as well, and all designs are able to be customized. I’m especially a fan of the sunflower-so bright and cheery, especially since it is storming something fierce in my area.

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Once upon a time, the veil was a necessary part of a bride’s wedding day ensemble. Without this coveted piece of tulle or lace, she was simply a woman in a white (or ivory or silver) gown.

However, brides have begun to step away from this tradition in favor of jeweled headbands, fresh (or faux) flowers, feathers, or even hats. The reason? Aside from the tradition becoming quite antiquated, oftentimes veils can cost nearly as much as the dress, which is definitely an expense for the budget bride who could use the money for something else. Furthermore, the veil is often discarded at the reception anyway, left all by its lonesome in the trunk of a car. They are also seen as somewhat impractical in certain situations, especially breezy outdoor weddings and brides with short haircuts that have no plans on getting extensions.

For brides looking to ditch the veil, here are a few examples of other adornments that can enhance your big day ‘do.

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Looking for a bouquet alternative? If so, take a look at Angee W. on Etsy. These ornately decorated clutches that come in this season’s hottest hues are perfect for the wedding party that wants to buck tradition and still make a fashionable statement. Also, the shop sells flower brooches that you may pin to a clutch you already own or use as an accessory to enhance your gown or your bridesmaids’ dresses.

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