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When Kirsten and Maria Palladino were planning their wedding in 2008, they were highly discouraged by the complete exclusion of planning resources and magazine media for same-sex couples. Instead of crumbling under their frustration, they used it to start Equally Wed, a fabulous magazine that caters exclusively to same-sex couples on their way to marriage, with planning articles, real wedding features and a plethora of gay-friendly vendors across the nation.

I would go into how this endeavor speaks volumes about the long-overdue shift in marriage equality and how awesome the magazine is (check out the website if you don’t believe me) but, I think the article speaks for itself-so, read it!

Kirsten (left) and Maria on their wedding day; photo from Click here to read the article.


The weather outside may be frightful, but it still doesn’t keep many couples from holding their nuptials during the winter. With this in mind, has compiled five tips to take note of in creating an enchanting look for you and your ‘maids for your winter wedding.

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So, the man of our dreams has finally popped the question. Time to pick out the dress!

WAIT! Not so fast!

Before you tie the knot, it is important to have a serious discussion regarding your finances. Although it may seem like a touchy subject, keep in mind that you will be making a lifelong commitment with this person, which will most likely delve into the realm of making sure the bills are paid on time. Asking these questions will help both of you come to terms with your separate spending habits, debts, and assets and will help you plan accordingly in terms of achieving-or maintaining-a comfortable lifestyle relatively free from financial strife.

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Think that supermarket flowers are an unacceptable option for your bouquets?

Think again. If arranged properly, the buds that you find at your local Publix or Piggly Wiggly can be a budget-friendly, but still tasteful, option. The staffers at Real Simple can show you how to make garden variety carnations, daisies, and even babies’ breath into elegant nosegays for you and your ‘maids.

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One of the biggest challenges (and, possibly the biggest arguments) you will encounter while planning your wedding will have to do with the guest list. Ideally, you and your mate would love to share this special day with the whole world. However, with budget constraints and venue capacities, the both of you will have to be very selective. So, who gets the invite: your third cousin or his frat brother? Your best friend from the third grade or his former baby-sitter? As for both sets of parents: who’s on their guest list?

Thankfully, Real Simple has an article dealing with this very topic. The article features tips on how to prioritize and prune the guest list so that you have everyone of the utmost importance present to share in your joy all while avoiding the violation of your state’s fire codes.

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Photo taken by Jason Walz

Your wedding day will undoubtedly be immortalized in photographs for generations to come. But, what if the photographer misses a few key people? What if there aren’t enough (or too many) candid shots?

What if the pictures simply look awful? has compiled a list of eight commandments to keep these fears from becoming a reality. I highly suggest that you take a gander.

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Though this blog really highlights wedding tips, I would be remiss if I didn’t at least acknowledge some of the pre-wedding festivities that occur. With that, has a fabulous article detailing how to throw a 1960s mod-inspired bridal shower complete with retro treats and decor. This is absolutely adorable, budget-friendly, and almost too easy to pull off.

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Click the photo to read the article.