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Tastefully Tropical

Advertisements has issued a lovely article detailing some helpful tips for the destination bride. If you plan on going abroad for your nuptials, then I suggest that you take a gander at this. Enjoy!

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Photo taken by Luca Trovato for

Photo taken by Luca Trovato for

Asian elements such as hanging lanterns, paper parasols, and fans have become increasingly popular for wedding decor and favors for many couples. If you’re looking to add such flair to your wedding day, then I highly recommend Luna Bazaar. Luna Bazaar is an online boutique that specializes in Asian decor. Their lanterns, parasols, and fans come in a bevy of colors, shapes (such as stars) and patterns. They also have a host of candle holders (some are even shaped like lotus flowers) to infuse a subtle touch of he Orient into your big day. Furthermore, the reduced and bulk pricing on the products won’t eat away at your budget.

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While my post on what to wear to a wedding will always be my baby, I have to admit that really hit the nail on the head when it comes to a summer wedding wardrobe. They did so well on their three-part feature that I’ve decided to post the links for all of my readers. I hope that this offers you some further assistance in shopping for the summer wedding season.

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Click here to see my blog post on wedding dress codes (I know, shameless plug).

Whenever I hear the name Lea Ann Belter, I just have to smile. This award-winning designer has simplistic elegance down to a science when it comes to wedding gowns. Although there is nothing wrong with high glamour and jewels dripping everywhere off of a bridal gown, sometimes a bride wants clean lines, delicate lace details, and an overall sense of quiet, ethereal, beauty on her wedding day. If you are this bride, then don’t hesitate to put Lea Ann Belter down as a possible contender for what you’ll be wearing on your big day.

Click here to view Lee Ann Belter’s designs online and to find a bridal salon that carries her work in your area.

Yes, mail order flowers have gotten a bad rep. But, if you’re in a bind and local florists are few or unavailable, then perhaps you should consider They have bulk packages of wedding flowers that range from traditional rose or hydrangea arrangements for bouquets and decoration to more eclectic mixes of seasonal buds. If you’re looking for a single type of flower in bulk, they also carry this option for a wide range of flowers such as peonies, gerber daisies, dahlias, orchids, and almost any other flower you can call to mind. Their website has each bloom categorized by flower type, season, and/or color, so finding the perfect blooms for your nuptials should be a non-issue.
The company was recently featured on an episode of the Lifetime series Get Married, hosted by planner extraordinaire Colin Cowie and former Bachelorette Deanna Pappas.

Take a look at their helpful hints for arranging a rose bouquet.

Take a look at by clicking here.

In keeping with my love of retro fare, I now want to talk about the wedding day fashions created by the talented Stephanie James. Her design aesthetic screams yesteryear with girly tea-length frocks, slinky body-hugging full-length gowns, and adorable bridal suits for those who want a unique, buttoned-up approach. Despite their obvious retro inspiration, the simple, chic, uncomplicated works of Stephanie James could also be perfect for the modern bride. I, for one, am convinced.

Click here to visit Stephanie James Couture online.

DIY décor is becoming more and more prevalent these days as a result of tighter wedding budgets or a larger population of creative brides. In either case, Candles 4 Less is a great resource for all of your romantic lighting needs. They carry votives, pillars, ball candles, tealights, and many more candle varieties plenty of colors and scents to fit your wedding and reception atmosphere. They also house a collection of glass vase holders, incense, oils, and warmers for alternative decorative elements. Furthermore, they have reduced bulk order pricing on all of their products, making it possible to have candlelight without breaking the bank.

Click here to visit Candles 4 Less.

India is by far the country I most admire on a cultural level. One aspect that I adore are…yes, the weddings. The amount of time, effort, ritual, and opulence that goes into Indian weddings never ceases to amaze me. Come on, who could object to a week-long celebration dedicated to the love between them and their beau? I know I couldn’t!
So, without further gushing/babbling, I now present an inspiration board which I think truly captures the bright hues and high energy of Indian weddings. Enjoy!

All pictures taken from

All pictures taken from

As it has been said time and again, destination weddings are becoming the new thing when it comes to nuptial celebrations. The thought of escaping to a tropical destination with your beloved and the nearest and dearest to your hearts and filling a weekend with sun, sand, and surf sounds like a dream come true for many couples nowadays. Whether you jet-set to a private island, take a 20 minute drive to the local beach, or bring the beach into the city, here is an inspiration board to help you capture that island feel. Enjoy!

All photos taken from

All photos taken from