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Sweet Sherbet


Pretty Peacock

Amethyst Amour

Credits: Kendall Brown, Andrea Cunningham, On Paper, C Studios, ON PAPER, Holland Photo Arts (2), Photography by Michael, ABC Dragoo, “Madeline Long” by Coren Moore

Gold Standard

Credits: Rochelle Mort, Kevin Chin, Classic Party Rentals, Nancy Liu Chin, Jose Villa, C Studios, On Paper, “Style 5425” by Watters and Watters

So, I took a predominately white color palette and made it fit for a cutting-edge diva. Enjoy!

Modern Minimalist Maven

Credits: Corbin Gurkin Photography (2), Anna F, Oh How Charming! (2), Cheri Pearl, Oh How Charming – Gillian and Tim, Casey Cunningham Photography (2), Casey Cunningham, Ritzy Bee (2), Our Labor of Love, Atrendy Wedding (2), Atrendy Wedding – Love Life Images, Belathee Photography (2), Belathee, Belathee-Halli & Nick, Heather Forsythe – Pink (2)

Just another inspiration board that I’ve compiled on a whim. I just wanted to convey the feeling of general peace and tranquility that comes with an outdoor ceremony laden with frothy details. Enjoy!

Light As Air

Images from James Abel Events

I know, I know, I’ve already done an inspiration board dedicated to the color red. However, this one has a much more vintage feel-and it was done on StyleCircle. In either case, I’d like to share it with you. Enjoy!

Rendition of Ruby