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Streamlined Elegance


Etsy has provided yet another means to acquire wedding day accessories. Little White Dresser specializes in wedding day hair accessories, dress accessories, and jewelry for the vintage-loving bride. Among my favorite lacy pieces in the shop is their silvery belt and this lovely blush pink hair flower. Several of the necklaces made me smile as well, and the affordability will make the budget-savvy bride grin from ear to ear.

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I am so happy to see that Jenny Packham’s latest collection was kept within the vintage vein that has made her so popular. These gowns are for the ultimate retro glamourpuss that wants to take a step back into yesteryear. What I especially love is that the collection in so varied, from short, flirty cocktail numbers to demure dresses complete with sleeves that don’t look at all dowdy or frumpy. Although the hemlines vary, all of Packham’s dresses have one thing in common: a healthy dose of bling.

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The blogosphere exploded with praise for St. Pucchi’s latest collection. Although I’m a little late to the party, I can definitely appreciate why it has received such rave reviews. Each gown is a work of art in its own right, complete with intricate beading all over. This is for the bride looking to make a dramatic entrance, although “dramatic” doesn’t even begin to describe the impact these gowns make.

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For you fantasy-gown seekers: seek no more.

Katerina Bocci’s latest collection is purely a dream. Huge ball gowns, crystals galore and ruffles, ruffles, ruffles makes these gowns equal parts ethereal and glamorous. This is for the brides who want to look like an ice queen for a day.

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With a few gorgeous exceptions, the latest looks from Kevan Hall were body-conscious sheaths that incorporated a variety of lovely textures while maintaining a body-conscious silhouette. Despite-or maybe due to-their overall simplicity, a sense of glamour came through in each one. I especially loved this sweetheart sheath that took draping and ruching past practicality into sincerely sexy.

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“Texture” is what comes to mind when I look at the new Sarantina by Sarah Jassir collection, as Jassir used a wide variety of such in each piece. Everything from pleating to ruching, appliqués to three-dimensional flourishes came into play. As for my favorite: this sheath with a black, hand-painted garland across the bodice and the hemline accented with a black ribbon sash punctuated by a fascinator is equal parts simple and avant-garde.

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It’s that time again!

Wedding gown designers from all over are now sending their best and brightest bridal designs down the runway. Stay tuned to see which collections I deem aisle-worthy.

Bridal Boheme

The Chinese qi pao first made an appearance during the Qing Dynasty among the nobility and is still worn today by brides. Although the original was loose-fitting and modest, the body-hugging version we’ve come to know became popular during the 1940s.

Purists usually wear the red  and gold variety, as those colors represent wealth, prosperity and luck in Chinese culture, even though they are available in a wide array of colors, including white and ivory. Its sheath silhouette and regal embroidery make it fit for an empress, even if it’s only for a day.

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