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So, one of my good friends just got engaged and she has put me in charge of her paper materials.

She and her fiancé have a lovely hobby of raising pet fish and a love for all things nautical. She specifically requested that I use the angelfish as a motif for their announcements because they are monogamus (fun fact!).

Take a look at the result below!

I just sent her the proof and she couldn’t be more pleased!

I may just put this up for sale in my Zazzle store. What do you think?


In my head, I imagined that engagement and wedding rings of the future would look like this!

Renaissance Fine Jewelry is an Etsy seller that specializes in titanium rings. Within their inventory is a wide range of lovely tension-set rings featuring several different gemstones. Not only are the prices perfect for a couple on a tight budget, but they offer sizing at no extra cost. Yes! Now, it only we could perfect the flying car…

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Click here to shop Renaissance Fine Jewelry on Etsy.

Once again, I am impressed with wedding bands made with alternative materials! Custom Jewelry by Johan is an Etsy seller that specializes in titanium, meteorite, and wood-grain rings that would be perfect for the modern couple. Johan also accepts custom work-just send him a sketch and he will turn it into reality. But, if your imagination doesn’t stretch so far, simply choose one of the gorgeous ready-made designs.

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Click here to shop Custom Jewelry by Johan.

As you are more than aware by now, I am a huge fan of alternative engagement rings (i.e., ones that don’t necessarily feature the traditional diamond). I am also a fan of Etsy. So, imagine my joy when I discovered Kyle Ann Metals, an Etsy shop that creates gorgeous handcrafted jewelry with a lovely selection of rings to choose from!

Kyle Ann’s pieces tend towards the very simple, minimalist bezel set design, but with a twist. Moonstones, amethyst, pearls, and other unique gemstones are the focus of their collection. But, for you traditionalists, there is a lovely diamond ring that is included. Best of all-these rings can be had for a steal!

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Click here to shop Kyle Ann Metals on Etsy.

Zoe and Doyle is an Etsy seller that specializes in titanium rings with fashionable flair. While some of their bands are pure minimalist, some incorporate details such as engraving, wood detail, and color for an added kick. These bands would be a perfect fit for a no-frills bride and would be a fabulous option for the future hubby’s wedding band-masculine enough for him, classy enough for you.

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Click here to shop Zoe and Doyle on Etsy.

It looks like more and more girls are no longer BFF with diamonds. Instead, many brides are opting to wear their favorite gemstone on their left hand to symbolize their pending nuptials. Although  the rings may have a few diamond accents for added sparkle, the center stone will be anything from amethyst to ruby to sapphire-even pink topaz and pearls. This colorful break with tradition is sure to stand the test of time. Who says diamonds are forever?

I am a sucker for Tacori jewelry. This chic, sophisticated label churns out some of the most beautiful bling I have ever seen. While clicking through their website, I discovered that they have a Ring Personality Quiz, which will help guide your groom to the best style for you. He can also customize the original results to further suit your tastes. Have him take the quiz (or take it yourself) so you can start searching in the right direction.

Here is my perfect ring. Click here to find yours.