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Blockbuster films such as Twilight, Sex and the City 2, and Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland have influenced much more than fashion and trends among teenagers and adults alike. Lately, these three films have been the inspiration behind many themed weddings and bridal showers. Who knew that celluloid could be so chic?

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Throw a tea party fit for a queen as shown by The Wedding Chicks


I sifted through my archive last night and I’ve noticed a terrible oversight on my part. Most, if not all, other bridal blogs invite their readers to submit the photos and stories behind their big day…

And I have done no such thing, opting instead to bombard you with my musings and my musings alone.

Shame on me!

So, I would like to offer my apologies-and, an invitation to all of my readers to submit their wedding day photos along with the stories behind them. Feel free to submit a vendors’ list too.

Send all of your wedding stories to’ll be waiting!

It’s no secret that I am into all things retro, especially when it comes to fashion. It’s also no secret that retro fashion has seen a long-overdue resurrection thanks to the immense popularity of AMC’s hit drama Mad Men. After perusing a gallery of fashions worn by the likes of January Jones and the deliciously curvaceous Christina Hendricks, I got to thinking: what would the main mavens of Mad Men wear on their wedding day? After scouring through a few (hundred) dresses, I think I may have the answers. Let’s start this brief series with the ultimate desperate housewife: Betty Draper.

Betty Draper is all about looking preened and polished despite her tumultuous marriage to Don Draper.Since she has finally left  the scoundrel for Prince Charming, I imagine that she would wear a classic ball gown, one with clean lines  and a sash or belt to accentuate her slim waist.

Alice in (Wedding) Wonderland

Yes, this is the umpteenth times I’ve posted and inspiration board for my future nuptials (if, of course, they indeed do happen). I can’t promise that this will be the last one, but I can promise that it’s fabulous. Enjoy!

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Taking a trip to yesteryear can be a delicious experience, especially when it comes to weddings. This feature on shows the wedding cakes enjoyed by some of Hollywood’s best matches from Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall to Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana. Ah, sweet memories!

Which famous couple does this wedding cake belong to? Click here to find out!

Just a simple collection of dresses that stood out to me as I perused the pages of Style Circle. Enjoy!

Dress Blitz 1

Credits: Mark Brooke, Dollface Studio, Lisa Lefkowitz, Linda Chaja, Docuvitae

Your wedding day will undoubtedly be immortalized in photographs for generations to come. But, what if the photographer misses a few key people? What if there aren’t enough (or too many) candid shots?

What if the pictures simply look awful? has compiled a list of eight commandments to keep these fears from becoming a reality. I highly suggest that you take a gander.

Click the photo to read the article on

Click the photo to read the article on

The people over at Cocktails and Details beat me to it! I must say that this list of forbidden actions hit the nail on the head and will save you much heartache during the planning process of your wedding day.

Oh, and that last tip applies to this blog too…

Click here to see the list.

For this one, I wanted to take the relxaed vibe of country living and fuse it with an elegant affair. Enjoy!

 Outdoor Odyssey

Credits: Suthi Picotte, A Bryan Photography, Karen Wise, Sara Remington, Meg Baisden Photography, Millie Holloman, Penny Silvia, Suthi Picotte