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In all honesty, the women of India wear saris for many special occasions in a wide variety of colors. However, nothing is as regal as the wedding sari. Is bright red hue and gold embroidery symbolize the joy and celebration of the wedding day. Coupled with the mountains of gold jewelry the bride dons, including the all-important tikka, the wedding sari is truly a regal sight to see and a beautiful way to honor the Indian culture.

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In my head, I imagined that engagement and wedding rings of the future would look like this!

Renaissance Fine Jewelry is an Etsy seller that specializes in titanium rings. Within their inventory is a wide range of lovely tension-set rings featuring several different gemstones. Not only are the prices perfect for a couple on a tight budget, but they offer sizing at no extra cost. Yes! Now, it only we could perfect the flying car…

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In case you haven’t noticed, I’m all about unique touches when it comes to weddings, especially in the form of wedding rings. By trusting Fabuluster with your wedding bands, you cannot be any more unique with your choice.

Fabuluster is headed by a talented husband and wife team that handcrafts jewelry and wedding bands featuring… wait for it … your fingerprints! The shop will send a wax mold kit where you and your partner make an impression of your digit, then Fabuluster takes care of the rest according to your specifications. Such a unique process may seem priceless, but the actual costs of the bands are very affordable. They even have a double set for a mere $275, plus shipping. Although Fabuluster has a few ready-made items available, I would be hard pressed to find a couple who wouldn’t want their beloved wrapped around their finger…

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All that glitters is great for weddings.

Metallics are still a favorite when it comes to wedding decor, but lately the concept has been toned down. Instead of having the Midas touch from floor to ceiling, touches of gold, silver, and/or platinum are used to accent more common hues. These precious metals tend to look lovely with pink or add a shot of spunk to deep fuchsia, especially gold. When pared with black and white, a whole new level of class is obtained. Also, lets not forget that they pair very well with jewel tones such as emerald green, ruby red, and amethyst purple-much like your favorite piece of jewelry.

A word of advice: gold adds warmth, silver cools things down, and platinum is a neutral, so choose your metallic accent with the overall vibe you are trying to achieve in mind.

Gold Standard

Credits: Rochelle Mort, Kevin Chin, Classic Party Rentals, Nancy Liu Chin, Jose Villa, C Studios, On Paper, “Style 5425” by Watters and Watters

Upon numbering this particular inspiration board, I realized a fun fact about the number 8. In Chinese culture, 8 is associated with wealth and prosperity, due to the fact that the word for 8 sounds close to the word for prosperity and 88 bears a resemblance to the “double happiness” symbol. In keeping with that, I’ve decided to create a board which gains its inspiration from this mystical location. May this inspiration board give you  and your groom a double serving of joy.

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