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As of late, I have been anticipating the upcoming nuptials of Kevin Jonas, the often overlooked member of the ridiculously popular band. The Jonas brothers, and his longtime sweetheart Danielle Deleasa. To me, the two make a handsome couple and I cannot wait to see how fantastic their wedding will be. Although I have zero information on the dress, has been nice enough to reveal the answer to the other big question: did Nick or Joe win the coveted title of “Best Man”?

Click here to read the article for the answer!

What a handsome couple!

What a handsome couple!

OK, this blog isn’t exactly related to weddings.

Actually, this blog is by no means related to weddings.

However, I feel the need to feature it because the content is absolutely fantastic. Take 2 Of These is the brainchild of Grande Marshall, an avid hip-hop culture enthusiast who stays up on new music, fashion, and social issues regarding the subculture’s citizens. I must say that after I dig myself out from under the ten-layer tulle (i.e., wedding news), I make it a point to go over to this blog to get my fix (pun intended).

Besides, the new minimalist format is trés chic, in a street-savvy way, of course.

Click here to Take 2 Of These-and, call me in the morning.