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Apparently, I haven’t posted in a bit. Truth be told, a fantastic internship opportunity has come my way and, chances are, my new postings will be infrequent at best. But, not to worry. I won’t be jumping ship any time soon 🙂

In the meantime, take a look at this Anthropologie-inspired wedding on Green Wedding Shoes. Aside from the fact that Anthropologie is one of my absolute favorite stores, I’m so glad that this wedding captures simplicity, intimacy and craftiness at its best.

What's not to love? Click here to see the full wedding.


And now, for a little shameless self-promotion.

In case you didn’t know, I have a Zazzle invitation shop that, so far, has seen some success-and for that, I am grateful! Thank you so much!

With that in mind, I’ve decided to expand my collection.

The newest invitation suite is inspired by the work of painter Piet Mondrian. The clean lines and primary color scheme will most likely appeal to the ultra-modern, artsy bride. In any case, check it out along with my Orchid collection.

More designs are on the way, so stay tuned!

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To be honest, I had no idea up until now that co-ed bridal showers were so taboo. I suppose that this is the case because every shower I have attended (eight and counting) involved the attendance of both genders from both sides of the couple. After all, who doesn’t like a party?

However, some brides are still struggling with the concept of having both guys and girls at their showers. It’s not that they’re against it, they just don’t know how to throw a traditionally feminine event without drowning their more masculine guests in a sea of pink tulle, and sugary-sweet bridal games while simultaneously maintaining a certain level of chintz and class. Well, here are a few tips to throwing a great bridal shower that both sexes can enjoy.

Find Neutral Territory
This advice comes in three parts. To begin, chances are one of your bridesmaids will be hosting the shower-or, sometimes one of the mothers do so. Establish from the beginning that you want a co-ed shower. If they balk at this because of tradition, tell them that you want to share this celebration with all of your friends and family, not just the girls. If they’re still hesitant, compromise-have a co-ed shower now and an all-girls event later, possibly hosted by two different individuals. Besides, you can’t beat having two parties!

The second part of this advice has to do with the venue and the decor. Even if you choose a feminine color such as pink, dressing it up with neutrals such as chocolate brown or black tone down the sweetness just enough for the guys. Then again, don’t feel obligated to host your event at a sports bar because your FH’s frat buddies are invited. Naturally, the decor will lean towards feminine, but here are a few links to parties that appealed to both sexes:

Global Lounge Style by Hostess with the Mostess

Real Wedding by Style Me Pretty

The (Un)Wedding by Brides

Another thing to consider: have a bridesmaid and a groomsman act as a host. That way, the two of them can put there heads together to throw a party that honors both your likes and the likes of your fiance. Who knows? Maybe this could also serve as a sneaky way test your match-making skills…

Feed The Masses
I have yet to meet any man who is a “light” eater, so chances are they won’t be too excited about a menu of cucumber sandwiches and tea. Then again, our more dainty, health-conscious sisters may not understand the delicious virtues of buffalo wings and cheesy fries. So, how do you feed both parties without leaving one side starving and the others too full to speak? Go ahead and mix bridal shower standards such as crudites, pasta salads, puff pastries, and the like along with heartier options such as mozzarella sticks, spring rolls and-heck, even bring out the bufallo wings! There is no rule that says you have to keep the meal light, just light-hearted. Here are a few party menus that will definitely have your guests coming back for seconds:

Modern Fiesta by Epicurious

Spicy Holiday Cocktail Party by Chow

Easy Tapas Party by Food Network

Bridal Shower Drinks and Apps by Delish

Play Nice
Some may think that the guys will sit out of the bridal shower games. Think again! As is usually the case with their competitive streak, men will gladly participate. Classics such as “The Oldly Wed” game or “Who knows the Bride and Groom Best” are all fair. Just make sure the prizes given out are gender neutral: one time a guy I knew won a shower game-his prize was a nail polish set.

eHow’s Guide to Co-d Bridal Shower Games

For more on co-ed bridal showers, read this article from

The dessert bar has become a welcome alternative (or addition) to the wedding cake served during the reception. However, not all of us are able to hire a professional such as Amy Atlas to build a display out of color-coordinated macaroons that match perfectly with swirly lollipops and the table runner. So, here are the basic DIY steps steps for building your own dessert bar without breaking the bank.

The Set Up: Apothecary jars have made a comeback as the ideal containers for candy at the dessert bar. They can be found on several specialty sites at moderate prices. They can also be found cheaper still in the home decoration sections of various stores such as TJ Maxx or Marshalls, along with retailers such as Target. For candies, make sure you have candy scoops available so that guests won’t be so inclined to use their bare hands for loose, unwrapped sweets. You can also use more traditional cake stands and trifle bowls for your bar to display smaller baked good such as brownies, blondies, and cookies. If you’re still bent on having a wedding cake, use it as the centerpiece.

Apothecary Jar with Lid, $26.99,

Anchor Hocking Trifle Bowl, $9.99, Bed, Bath, and Beyond

Tiered Pedestal Serving Plates, $24.99, Target

The Decor: Your dessert bar will most likely be inspired by your color palette, which will help it serve the purpose of further decoration. However, make sure you add touches of decor to it to avoid a sterile effect. This can be done by adding a table cloth and runner in colors that are in line with your overall scheme. Use flowers, but minimally so they don’t detract from the display. Candles are a no-no; the heat may melt some of the goodies (especially chocolate) and over-eager guests may burn themselves. Even if your dessert bar is a carnival-inspired kaleidoscope, still add a pop of color found within the overall palette-just, don’t use them all, as doing so would be sensory overload.

This Amy Atlas creation uses a trendy color palette of yellow and black along with vintage-inspired vessels to display the dessert.

This Amy Atlas creation mixes a modern color palette of yellow and black with vintage-inspired pieces.

Colin Cowie mixed sweet pink, sophisticated black, and full-blown glamour for this decadent display.

Monochromatic candy bars such as this are perfect for minimalist mavens.

The Goodies: Candy is a relatively easy thing to buy in bulk, even old-fashioned favorite such as whirly pops or rock candy swizzle sticks. For items that are more of a novelty, several web sites that sell old-fashioned favorites are available. Otherwise, put that Costco membership to good use and stock up. If you have a bit more money to burn, personalized M&M’s in your wedding colors will be a fool-proof hit.

Bulk Candy Sites:
Candy Warehouse
Candy Direct
Candy Favorites
A Candy Store

As for baked goods, don’t look past your local bakery, as large quantities of cookies or brownies may be cheaper than you think. Even bakeries that specialize in wedding cupcakes or cookies could offer reasonable prices for their products. If all else fails, your local supermarket or bulk shopping superstore will gladly provide the baked goods you need you need with a professional touch and a low price.

These three basic steps will help you start brainstorming on how to build your dessert bar. If you’re in need of more inspiration, visit the following sites:

Amy Atlas
Hostess with the Mostess
Swank Sweets
The Celebration Shoppe Blog

…or, just type “dessert bar” in the search engine of your favorite wedding/hostess blog. I’m sure they too have something to say on the matter.

Squares have made their appearance in reception decor and they are slated to stay for a long time, especially in terms of cocktail and contemporary-style receptions. Aside from the recent appearance of square tables, you may take this shape even further by using square vases for flowers or candles. Futhermore, squares are taken into account with cakes, invitations, and place settings. However, be sure to have a few frilly or sinuous elements thrown in so the overall vibe isn’t misconstrued as harsh or, worse yet, boring.

Amid the brunch and cocktail receptions, several forward-thinking brides are turning towards family-style catering for their hungry guests. This method of serving a post-ceremony meal, in which large platters of food are set on guests’ tables so they may serve themselves, could serve as a great conversation starter and instills a sense of… well, family among guests at the wedding. It can also serve as decor if you choose to use serving dishes that complement your color scheme. There is only one word of caution: such a style of catering can be interpreted as casual and is only conducive to smaller guests lists-say, 100 people or less. Otherwise, stick to standard wait staff or buffet service.

Photo courtesy of

Wedding day decor and fashion have taken flight with feathers. Whether its soft, white, marabou accents on a veil to rows of them filling out the skirt of a wedding gown to jewel toned peacock plumes accenting opulent flower arrangements, these light and airy elements add just the right amount of magic. The glamour attached to this new trend is best saved for brides who want to add a touch of glamourous whimsy to their surroundings on the big day.

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m all about unique touches when it comes to weddings, especially in the form of wedding rings. By trusting Fabuluster with your wedding bands, you cannot be any more unique with your choice.

Fabuluster is headed by a talented husband and wife team that handcrafts jewelry and wedding bands featuring… wait for it … your fingerprints! The shop will send a wax mold kit where you and your partner make an impression of your digit, then Fabuluster takes care of the rest according to your specifications. Such a unique process may seem priceless, but the actual costs of the bands are very affordable. They even have a double set for a mere $275, plus shipping. Although Fabuluster has a few ready-made items available, I would be hard pressed to find a couple who wouldn’t want their beloved wrapped around their finger…

Click here to shop Fabuluster on Etsy.

It looks like more and more girls are no longer BFF with diamonds. Instead, many brides are opting to wear their favorite gemstone on their left hand to symbolize their pending nuptials. Although  the rings may have a few diamond accents for added sparkle, the center stone will be anything from amethyst to ruby to sapphire-even pink topaz and pearls. This colorful break with tradition is sure to stand the test of time. Who says diamonds are forever?

This photo gallery on Martha Stewart Weddings left me floored-and in need of visiting my nearest jeweler. These cakes are inspired by vintage jewelry from several opulent eras, including the Art Nouveau and Victorian period. My personal favorite is the cake inspired by the 1920s Art Deco trend. Its geometric details add a modern touch to the traditional all-white confection that has become synonymous with wedding cakes.

Click here to see the full gallery.