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Apparently, I haven’t posted in a bit. Truth be told, a fantastic internship opportunity has come my way and, chances are, my new postings will be infrequent at best. But, not to worry. I won’t be jumping ship any time soon 🙂

In the meantime, take a look at this Anthropologie-inspired wedding on Green Wedding Shoes. Aside from the fact that Anthropologie is one of my absolute favorite stores, I’m so glad that this wedding captures simplicity, intimacy and craftiness at its best.

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Bridal Boheme

Back to Nature

Tastefully Tropical

Lovely Lemon-Lime

Marriage in Mumbai

In floral designs for weddings, traditional blooms such as roses and hydrangea are starting to play supporting roles as tall, elegant, blooming branches are becoming superstars. Blooming branches such as manzanita and cherry blossom branches are wildly popular, while birch and curly willow continues to be a perennial (and inexpensive) favorite. Brides are using these branches as ceremony decor, centerpieces, and even for the escort card display with the cards hanging from ribbon attached to the branches. The height of these branches adds a sense of natural majesty to any venue and are suited for all seasons (white birch for winter or curly willow with orchids attached to its boughs for summer). Some brides even spray-paint the branches silver or gold and add hanging crystals for a fresh take on opulence. Truly, this trend had taken root and grown into a healthy option for wedding decor.

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Douglas Hannant’s latest collection gives recognition to bohemian brides. Each gown has a light, airy quality for those looking for a gown best suited for a garden or beachside wedding.  I was particularly impressed by a sheath gown in which the skirt was ruched, making it resemble ripples in a pond-so lovely!

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This spring, bridesmaids’ dresses are beginning to bloom with another option besides solid colors that coordinate with the wedding day decor. The floral print has been seen as an overall popular trend, and this trend has finally made its way into wedding wardrobe. I find that such a style of dress lends itself very nicely to an outdoor, garden-style wedding. Furthermore, the print could serve as inspiration for the rest of your wedding day decor instead of the other way around.

Spring Fling