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The white wedding gown will always be a classic choice, but Spring 2013 Bridal Market saw some daring departures from this tradition. From accents of black to subtle pastels to fire-engine red (yes, RED), many designers produced gorgeous fashions for the technicolor bride, particularly Vera Wang with her collection of fiery wedding dresses.

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Black and White Wedding Dresses

Pink Wedding Dresses

Blue Wedding Dresses

Red Wedding Dresses


In all honesty, the women of India wear saris for many special occasions in a wide variety of colors. However, nothing is as regal as the wedding sari. Is bright red hue and gold embroidery symbolize the joy and celebration of the wedding day. Coupled with the mountains of gold jewelry the bride dons, including the all-important tikka, the wedding sari is truly a regal sight to see and a beautiful way to honor the Indian culture.

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I saw this Valentine’s Day-themed dessert buffet done by the talented Amy Atlas on Hostess with the Mostess’ blog and I just had to share it! The pink color scheme, French macaroons, and overall lovely presentation could serve as some inspiration for a dessert buffet for your bridal shower or wedding. What’s not to love?

Too sweet for words! Click here to see the rest of Amy Atlas' creation.

I know, I know, I’ve already done an inspiration board dedicated to the color red. However, this one has a much more vintage feel-and it was done on StyleCircle. In either case, I’d like to share it with you. Enjoy!

Rendition of Ruby

Often revered as one of the most powerful colors out of the spectrum, red has been credited for bringing forth a wide range of feelings from passion to anger to hunger. For this board, let’s focus on the romantic aspects of red-lush roses and all. Enjoy!

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Upon numbering this particular inspiration board, I realized a fun fact about the number 8. In Chinese culture, 8 is associated with wealth and prosperity, due to the fact that the word for 8 sounds close to the word for prosperity and 88 bears a resemblance to the “double happiness” symbol. In keeping with that, I’ve decided to create a board which gains its inspiration from this mystical location. May this inspiration board give you  and your groom a double serving of joy.

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