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Old School Glamour


Modern Victorian

Wedding day decor and fashion have taken flight with feathers. Whether its soft, white, marabou accents on a veil to rows of them filling out the skirt of a wedding gown to jewel toned peacock plumes accenting opulent flower arrangements, these light and airy elements add just the right amount of magic. The glamour attached to this new trend is best saved for brides who want to add a touch of glamourous whimsy to their surroundings on the big day.

Spring Fling

All that glitters is great for weddings.

Metallics are still a favorite when it comes to wedding decor, but lately the concept has been toned down. Instead of having the Midas touch from floor to ceiling, touches of gold, silver, and/or platinum are used to accent more common hues. These precious metals tend to look lovely with pink or add a shot of spunk to deep fuchsia, especially gold. When pared with black and white, a whole new level of class is obtained. Also, lets not forget that they pair very well with jewel tones such as emerald green, ruby red, and amethyst purple-much like your favorite piece of jewelry.

A word of advice: gold adds warmth, silver cools things down, and platinum is a neutral, so choose your metallic accent with the overall vibe you are trying to achieve in mind.

This photo gallery on Martha Stewart Weddings left me floored-and in need of visiting my nearest jeweler. These cakes are inspired by vintage jewelry from several opulent eras, including the Art Nouveau and Victorian period. My personal favorite is the cake inspired by the 1920s Art Deco trend. Its geometric details add a modern touch to the traditional all-white confection that has become synonymous with wedding cakes.

Click here to see the full gallery.

Bridal Blitz II

Top row, left to right: Amsale, Caroline Devillo, Dolly Couture, Vera Wang.

Bottom row, left to right:Saja, Kenneth Pool, Jenny Yoo, Watters & Watters.

Pretty Peacock

For brides with a steampunk edge to their style, I highly recommend Nouveau Motley. Their collection of jewelry-full of ornate filigree and cameos- will add the perfect accent to your neo-Victorian aesthetic. Even your groom can get in on the trend with their collection of ornate cufflinks. Even for those who aren’t heavily influenced by this style movement, any bride or groom who wants to add a touch of Old World elegance to their look should definitely take a look at their wares.

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Get Married (now showing on WETV Saturdays at 9:30 AM) is more than a television show and wedding website. It also sells wedding day essentials. Their invitations are definitely worth a look with designs ranging from classic to funky and super-affordable price tags.

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