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Matthew Christopher has long been known for his throughly modern designs with a glamorous edge, perfect for the high fashion bride. His 2012 collection does not disappoint, with minimalist, but sculptural, gowns throughout. Matthew Christopher’s latest gowns are straight out of a stunning dream.

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Hair extensions have recently been touted as a must-have for brides who don’t have locks rivaling that of Rapunzel. However, modern brides are kicking this expense to the curb and rocking their everyday shorter ‘do on the big day. To keep it polished, consider using a sculpting pomade or thin curlers. As for accessories, a thin headband, a birdcage veil, or a pretty brooch is just enough. After all, bridal beauty isn’t about a big transformation; it’s about being the best possible version of yourself.

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Once upon a time, the veil was a necessary part of a bride’s wedding day ensemble. Without this coveted piece of tulle or lace, she was simply a woman in a white (or ivory or silver) gown.

However, brides have begun to step away from this tradition in favor of jeweled headbands, fresh (or faux) flowers, feathers, or even hats. The reason? Aside from the tradition becoming quite antiquated, oftentimes veils can cost nearly as much as the dress, which is definitely an expense for the budget bride who could use the money for something else. Furthermore, the veil is often discarded at the reception anyway, left all by its lonesome in the trunk of a car. They are also seen as somewhat impractical in certain situations, especially breezy outdoor weddings and brides with short haircuts that have no plans on getting extensions.

For brides looking to ditch the veil, here are a few examples of other adornments that can enhance your big day ‘do.

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I was absolutely floored by a post on the blog Your Wedding Day I saw last night. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the future of tent design!

San Francisco event designer Robert Fountain has created a new product that will make the ubiquitous white tent obsolete. Enter: printed velon, a vinyl-based material that can be printed with limitless colors, patterns, and logos that will truly take wedding decor to an entirely new level.

There are several advantages to printed velon. For one, the price of about $4 per yard completely surpasses the $20 per yard often charged for traditional fabric draping. Furthermore, the material can be used as a wallpaper, a cushion cover-even a chair decal when using Crystal Velon. For you environmentally-conscious brides, this material is %100 recyclable. Gorgeous, cheap, versatile, and eco-friendly-what’s not to love?

…One minor caveat-the product has ceased production until at least October of this year, putting many people who are getting married in the earlier part of 2010 out of the opportunity to use this new material. For those who will be marrying after October: good things come to those who wait!

An example of printed velon used at an event (Photo originally seen on YourWeddingDay.Com)

Click here to read the original blog post on Your Wedding Day.

This will eventually be the link to the printed velon shop-save it for the October relaunch!