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This photo gallery on Martha Stewart Weddings left me floored-and in need of visiting my nearest jeweler. These cakes are inspired by vintage jewelry from several opulent eras, including the Art Nouveau and Victorian period. My personal favorite is the cake inspired by the 1920s Art Deco trend. Its geometric details add a modern touch to the traditional all-white confection that has become synonymous with wedding cakes.

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I sifted through my archive last night and I’ve noticed a terrible oversight on my part. Most, if not all, other bridal blogs invite their readers to submit the photos and stories behind their big day…

And I have done no such thing, opting instead to bombard you with my musings and my musings alone.

Shame on me!

So, I would like to offer my apologies-and, an invitation to all of my readers to submit their wedding day photos along with the stories behind them. Feel free to submit a vendors’ list too.

Send all of your wedding stories to’ll be waiting!

The latest copy of InStyle Weddings (one of the best wedding magazines out there!) features the gorgeous Christina Hendricks, who portrays Joan Holloway on AMC’s mega-hit drama series Mad Men. I already loved her for her body confidence and acting chops, but her interview shows that she’s poised to be a modern-day Hollywood darling. And, she looks fabulous in a wedding gown!

Photo taken by Don Flood for InStyle Weddings. Gown by Pronovias.

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Yes, ladies and gents-I’ve finally done it! In addition to the blog, you may now follow me on Twitter.

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Bridal magazines are often used by brides and wedding planners alike as a source of inspiration and information regarding trends in attire, decor, flowers, and other subjects related to weddings. But, what happens when a highly recognized fashion and bridal magazine gathers all of the timeless bits of information into a book and offers it as a classic guide for every bride? The answer can be found in the book InStyle Weddings.

InStyle Weddings is a 500+ page masterpiece full of photographs and advice regarding the planning of an elegant, glamorous, over-the-top affair. The striking images are often accompanied by helpful information and comprehensive break-downs regarding subjects that include the difference between letterpress and thermography, what embellishments will drive up the cost of a wedding dress, and the budding seasons of the most popular flowers used in weddings. Bonus-each section ends by featuring the nuptials of some of Tinseltown’s heavy hitters (Jenny McCarthy and Mariska Hargitay to name a few). Besides, once the honeymoon is over, this book will look terribly chic on your coffee table for years to come.

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