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Lovely Lemon-Lime


Summer may be officially over, but the cheery feeling that the color yellow seems to imply is welcome year-round. Enjoy!

Mad About Saffron

Whenever I see the color yellow, be it in the form of citrusy lemons or cheery sunflowers, I can’t help but smile. This color palette will surely lift the moods of your wedding guests, just in time for a sweet, upbeat soireé. Enjoy!

All photos taken from

All photos taken from

DIY décor is becoming more and more prevalent these days as a result of tighter wedding budgets or a larger population of creative brides. In either case, Candles 4 Less is a great resource for all of your romantic lighting needs. They carry votives, pillars, ball candles, tealights, and many more candle varieties plenty of colors and scents to fit your wedding and reception atmosphere. They also house a collection of glass vase holders, incense, oils, and warmers for alternative decorative elements. Furthermore, they have reduced bulk order pricing on all of their products, making it possible to have candlelight without breaking the bank.

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For those of you who want to have an Old Hollywood feel for your big day, one way to tie in the theme is through some of your wedding accessories, like your veil and headpiece. Ergo, Breeziway Fascinators would be good place for you to start.

Breeziway has several lines of fascinators for all of the ladies of the day: the bride, the ‘maids, and the moms. Each headpiece is crafted with fine feathers and crystal details along with a wide range of color and pattern options, thus making for a lovely option for your bridal look. If you can’t find something in the ready-to-wear collection, just click on the “Services” tab and they will be happy to create a custom design unique to your wishes. They also have a chic collection of birdcage veils and feather-accented silk flowers, and two options for any little ones in your wedding.

Click here to see Breeziway’s full collection.

As it has been said time and again, destination weddings are becoming the new thing when it comes to nuptial celebrations. The thought of escaping to a tropical destination with your beloved and the nearest and dearest to your hearts and filling a weekend with sun, sand, and surf sounds like a dream come true for many couples nowadays. Whether you jet-set to a private island, take a 20 minute drive to the local beach, or bring the beach into the city, here is an inspiration board to help you capture that island feel. Enjoy!

All photos taken from

All photos taken from

I have always maintained a love for fine art. My favorite painter is Vincent van Gogh, hands down. His works seem to embody a state of constant motion, especially in terms of his brush stroke technique. So, to mix my love for van Gogh with the objective of this blog (read: offering you inspiration to beautify your big day), I have constructed an inspiration board inspired by my favorite van Gogh work, Starry NightI. May it make your celebration sparkle. Enjoy!

Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh (taken
Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh (taken


I have been seeing the title color palette quite a bit in clothing. Despite its potential to conjure images of numerous traffic memories (namely, pavement), I must say that this combination of hues is quite chic and I’m surprised that it hasn’t gotten more exposure. So, I am doing my part to bring this color palette out of obscurity by doing what I do best: inspiration boards for your big day. Perhaps this could be a perspective you now take into account for your big day. Enjoy!