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Lovely Lemon-Lime

The signature cocktail has become a popular enhancement to weddings. Customized to fit the tastes of the couple-and, possibly named by them-they add a fun, personal touch to the reception. However, don’t leave the teetotalers out! In addition to serving a signature cocktail, have a signature mocktail for those who aren’t too keen on alcohol. That way, they too can get in on the fun of having a customized, gorgeous, delicious concoction in their hands without compromising their stance. Have a virgin version of the signature cocktail on hand or create a separate drink entirely-just make sure it stays cohesive with the overall feel of the celebration. Showing consideration for your guests-that’s always in style.

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Roney appeared on Fox Business yesterday to talk about trends in the wedding industry, including its recession-proof nature, a decline in destination weddings, and an increase in DIY brides.

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Carley Roney; Founder, Editor-in-Chief; The Knot Magazine

While there will always be a special place in my heart for stilettos, many brides are opting for flat shoes for their walk down the aisle. Maybe women are tired of shoes that make their feet scream within fifteen minutes. Maybe other brides are deathly afraid of tripping over four-inch heels on their big day. Other brides may not want to compete with their groom when it comes to height. Or, maybe this new trend of bridal flats are simply adorable. Whatever the reason, feel free to start off on the right foot and seriously consider bridal flats as you make the trek towards a new future with your spouse.

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Zoe and Doyle is an Etsy seller that specializes in titanium rings with fashionable flair. While some of their bands are pure minimalist, some incorporate details such as engraving, wood detail, and color for an added kick. These bands would be a perfect fit for a no-frills bride and would be a fabulous option for the future hubby’s wedding band-masculine enough for him, classy enough for you.

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Have I got a treat for the vintage bride!

Button Me Up Vintage Button Jewelry may sound like a slightly wacky venture. However, California jewelry designer Trish Huber launched this business at the beginning of the year to utilize vintage buttons she came across in her travels with fabulous results to boot. Huber re-purposes vintage buttons into one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry including earrings, cuff bracelets, and cocktail rings. The result are dainty accessories for a bride looking to add a touch of yesteryear to her ensemble without breaking the bank. These pieces can also serve as gifts for your bridesmaids.

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Marriage in Mumbai

I am so happy to hear that the talented wedding gown designer Vera Wang is celebrating her 20th year anniversary. Instead of being trapped in the trends of her day (most of those 1980s gowns were absolute nightmares), Wang dared to be different by creating a modern gown of her own-and creating modern gowns for the modern bride. The world cannot thank her enough for ushering in a new era of style that continues to influence bridal fashion down to this day.

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Despite our best intentions to stay on budget, some brides can’t help but make a splurge purchase for the big day. With that being said, what better way exists to spend a little extra cash than on a special pair of designer shoes? I’m already a fan of the work of esteemed designer Stuart Weitzman, but when I saw his new bridal shoe collection I nearly hit the roof. Each shoe is gorgeous in its own right, from classic pumps to daring stilettos, some sprinkled with rhinestones for extra glamour. Weitzman’s bridal collection are sure to make classic and modern brides alike fall head over heels in love.

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I’m beginning to see that more and more brides are embracing their culture, the culture of the groom, or simply a culture they admire into their wedding plans. Whether it’s a bride who dons a bright red sari for a traditional Hindu ceremony or a couple who serves dumplings and hands out chopsticks as favors as an ode to Japan, opening up one’s worldview and incorporating foreign (or native) customs is a fun way to give your big day an exotic edge. Why not use kente cloth as a table runner or exchange Hawaiian leis in addition to rings? Letting culture have a colorful influence on your wedding day is another trend that I hope will become a permanent fixture in the world of weddings.

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