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As I have said many, many times on this blog, I am a sucker for Asian culture. With that established, I just want to give you something to consider for your reception decor. Enter: ikebana.

Ikebana is the Japanese art of flower arranging that uses minimalism and irregularity to create truly unique arrangements. Unlike traditional flower arrangements where the actual bloom is the star of the show, ikebana highlights the beauty of the other parts, namely the stems and leaves, focusing on line, shape and form rather than size and color. This could be a great alternative for modern, minimalist brides, or even brides with severe allergies as flowers are used very sparingly.

How awesome is this?! For more examples of ikebana, click the photo.


Josh Brooks and Jung Lee of Fete are here to stay-well, for the fall, anyway.

The new show Wedded to Perfection premieres tomorrow night on TLC. I can’t wait to see this husband-and-wife duo tackle the issues related to planning over-the-top extravagant wedding celebrations in the bustling city of New York on top of raising a family. Let the glamour-and, the stress- begin!

Jung Lee of Fete and Wedded to Perfection.

Jung Lee of Fete and Wedded to Perfection.

Click here to visit the Wedded to Perfection page on for bios, and episode guide, a sneak peek, and to check local listings.

Asian elements such as hanging lanterns, paper parasols, and fans have become increasingly popular for wedding decor and favors for many couples. If you’re looking to add such flair to your wedding day, then I highly recommend Luna Bazaar. Luna Bazaar is an online boutique that specializes in Asian decor. Their lanterns, parasols, and fans come in a bevy of colors, shapes (such as stars) and patterns. They also have a host of candle holders (some are even shaped like lotus flowers) to infuse a subtle touch of he Orient into your big day. Furthermore, the reduced and bulk pricing on the products won’t eat away at your budget.

Click here to shop at Luna Bazaar.

For those who read my blog regularly, it does seem a bit strange that I’m covering this topic again since it was already dealt with in my very first post. But, as of late my style has changed and I have narrowed down my likes, loves, and dislikes in terms of decor and personal tastes. In all honesty, I would rather a much more elegant, cohesive look to my big day (whenever that happens). I’ve kept some elements, such as black, white, and purple being my favorite hues, but new elements such as an overall retro flair that I am smitten by has been introduced in place of the more beachy vibe I had going before. I feel that this new inspiration board is an updated, more refined version of me. Perhaps this too can serve to help you as well. Enjoy!

Photos taken from and

Photos taken from and


After scrolling through my local listings to Tivo What Not to Wear, the ten p.m. slot was filled with a new series entitled Wedded to Perfection. Being that this is a wedding blog, I figured that I oughta encourage my readers to watch this along with me. The show will take you into the world of the New York event-planning company names Fete, as owned by husband-and-wife team Josh Brooks and Jung Lee. I’m psyched to see how they plan events and what creative visions they have up their sleeve. Brooks and Lee are pictured below.


Click here to go to and check local listings and/or set up a reminder for you to watch the series’ premiere at 10 p.m

India is by far the country I most admire on a cultural level. One aspect that I adore are…yes, the weddings. The amount of time, effort, ritual, and opulence that goes into Indian weddings never ceases to amaze me. Come on, who could object to a week-long celebration dedicated to the love between them and their beau? I know I couldn’t!
So, without further gushing/babbling, I now present an inspiration board which I think truly captures the bright hues and high energy of Indian weddings. Enjoy!

All pictures taken from

All pictures taken from

Hello Lucky Invitations is a company that combines nature and travel with graphic savvy. Motifs range from classic damask to major city skylines to renderings of popular blooms such as orchids and cherry blossoms. Furthermore, all styles can be printed by way of traditional letter press or economical digital printing. Either option will ensure a fantastic start as far as informing your guests about your wedding and will speak to the style of the day whether it’s a fancy-free garden party or a sleek, formal fete. Also, check out their stationary collection as a gift for your maids (or yourself).

Click here to visit Hello Lucky Invitations.

Upon numbering this particular inspiration board, I realized a fun fact about the number 8. In Chinese culture, 8 is associated with wealth and prosperity, due to the fact that the word for 8 sounds close to the word for prosperity and 88 bears a resemblance to the “double happiness” symbol. In keeping with that, I’ve decided to create a board which gains its inspiration from this mystical location. May this inspiration board give you  and your groom a double serving of joy.

All photos taken from

All photos taken from

OK, if/when it’s my turn, I want my day to look something like this. To explain: I’ve combined three of my favorite things in life: Asian culture, the beach, and simplicity-which may go back to the Asian culture. Zen, anyone? By the way, the parasols reflect my colour scheme, along with white and the pale green from the lanterns. What do you think?