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In case you haven’t noticed, I’m all about unique touches when it comes to weddings, especially in the form of wedding rings. By trusting Fabuluster with your wedding bands, you cannot be any more unique with your choice.

Fabuluster is headed by a talented husband and wife team that handcrafts jewelry and wedding bands featuring… wait for it … your fingerprints! The shop will send a wax mold kit where you and your partner make an impression of your digit, then Fabuluster takes care of the rest according to your specifications. Such a unique process may seem priceless, but the actual costs of the bands are very affordable. They even have a double set for a mere $275, plus shipping. Although Fabuluster has a few ready-made items available, I would be hard pressed to find a couple who wouldn’t want their beloved wrapped around their finger…

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Spring Fling

I sifted through my archive last night and I’ve noticed a terrible oversight on my part. Most, if not all, other bridal blogs invite their readers to submit the photos and stories behind their big day…

And I have done no such thing, opting instead to bombard you with my musings and my musings alone.

Shame on me!

So, I would like to offer my apologies-and, an invitation to all of my readers to submit their wedding day photos along with the stories behind them. Feel free to submit a vendors’ list too.

Send all of your wedding stories to’ll be waiting!

Mothers of the bride and the groom tend to get bad press during the wedding planning process. Oftentimes, they are seen as pushy, inconsiderate, and on a constant crusade to out-do the in-laws. But, in most cases, they just want to be heard. How does Mom go about voicing her concerns without being depicted as a monster? Well, Real Simple has provided ten tips for moms on both sides to get what they want-the favor of their sons and daughters and a few traditions observed on the big day.

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“Call the MOH and the BM to make sure the BP is ready to go, please.”

“God, my FSIL can be so difficult!”

“Are all the OOTG settled?”

…Um, pardon?

Unless you’re a wedding planner (or, a wedding enthusiast), chances are some of these acronyms make little to no sense at all. So, Real Simple has compiled a list of commonly used wedding jargon to help you shorthand some of your emails and messages. Make sure your wedding party and your parents read this too, so that no one is lost when you ask the BM to keep an eye on your FH during the bachelor party.

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This beauty article is meant to give women step-by-step makeup ideas for a night out on the town. Even so, I think that these looks can transfer nicely into the big day for a stylish bride or her ‘maids.

After all, I love a bold lip color going down the aisle could make a huge impact.

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So, the man of our dreams has finally popped the question. Time to pick out the dress!

WAIT! Not so fast!

Before you tie the knot, it is important to have a serious discussion regarding your finances. Although it may seem like a touchy subject, keep in mind that you will be making a lifelong commitment with this person, which will most likely delve into the realm of making sure the bills are paid on time. Asking these questions will help both of you come to terms with your separate spending habits, debts, and assets and will help you plan accordingly in terms of achieving-or maintaining-a comfortable lifestyle relatively free from financial strife.

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Think that supermarket flowers are an unacceptable option for your bouquets?

Think again. If arranged properly, the buds that you find at your local Publix or Piggly Wiggly can be a budget-friendly, but still tasteful, option. The staffers at Real Simple can show you how to make garden variety carnations, daisies, and even babies’ breath into elegant nosegays for you and your ‘maids.

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One of the biggest challenges (and, possibly the biggest arguments) you will encounter while planning your wedding will have to do with the guest list. Ideally, you and your mate would love to share this special day with the whole world. However, with budget constraints and venue capacities, the both of you will have to be very selective. So, who gets the invite: your third cousin or his frat brother? Your best friend from the third grade or his former baby-sitter? As for both sets of parents: who’s on their guest list?

Thankfully, Real Simple has an article dealing with this very topic. The article features tips on how to prioritize and prune the guest list so that you have everyone of the utmost importance present to share in your joy all while avoiding the violation of your state’s fire codes.

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Photo taken by Jason Walz

Which shade of white will look best with my skin tone?

How can I incorporate parts of a family gown into my dress?

Is it OK to wear white for a second marriage?

These questions and more are answered in’s article, 10 Common Questions about Wedding Attire.


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