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For those brides (or anyone, for that matter) that enjoyed Elizabeth Gilbert’s famous memoir Eat Pray Love, her follow-up book is a must-read.

In Committed, Gilbert offers a very personal (and thoroughly researched) commentary on what being a wife truly means. This memoir offers a sobering, but ultimately positive analysis on marriage’s benefits and its defects, helping single women, brides, wives, mothers and life-long bachelorettes a grounded perspective on marriage and relationships, all while she examines her own relationship with, and eventual marriage to, Felipe. Part history book, part comedic memoir, part travel journal and all heart, Committed is a must-read for all of us.

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As you can see the “end of the week” hasn’t arrived until now.

Due to some unforeseen circumstances, I had to put the blog on the proverbial back burner. Now that my life is back in order, I can now start updating Chicista Weddings on a regular basis again with the latest in wedding trends.

Also, with two(!) of my sorority sisters engaged, I’ll have a ton to talk about, especially when it comes to the personal experiences to come.

Sorry to keep you waiting so long!