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First, the fun stuff: Utterly Engaged has released Issue 15! The theme: Sugar & Spice. The issue has fashion and decor advice for demure and daring brides alike, along with sweet and sizzling honeymoon tips. Be sure to take a look!

Also, I apologize again for being absent; my work life has picked up and I haven’t been able to blog as often. I promise you another post by the end of the week.

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The weather outside may be frightful, but it still doesn’t keep many couples from holding their nuptials during the winter. With this in mind, has compiled five tips to take note of in creating an enchanting look for you and your ‘maids for your winter wedding.

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Think that supermarket flowers are an unacceptable option for your bouquets?

Think again. If arranged properly, the buds that you find at your local Publix or Piggly Wiggly can be a budget-friendly, but still tasteful, option. The staffers at Real Simple can show you how to make garden variety carnations, daisies, and even babies’ breath into elegant nosegays for you and your ‘maids.

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Although the bridal mags will always carry sound advice on makeup looks for your big day, I couldn’t help but admire the looks on’s beauty special. The makeup choices suit red-carpet royalty of various styles and skin tones, which will definitely suit you for their wedding day and many other occasions thereafter. After all, you are queen for the day.

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One of the biggest challenges (and, possibly the biggest arguments) you will encounter while planning your wedding will have to do with the guest list. Ideally, you and your mate would love to share this special day with the whole world. However, with budget constraints and venue capacities, the both of you will have to be very selective. So, who gets the invite: your third cousin or his frat brother? Your best friend from the third grade or his former baby-sitter? As for both sets of parents: who’s on their guest list?

Thankfully, Real Simple has an article dealing with this very topic. The article features tips on how to prioritize and prune the guest list so that you have everyone of the utmost importance present to share in your joy all while avoiding the violation of your state’s fire codes.

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There are never too many books that deal with the subject of saving a few hundred (or thousand) dollars on your wedding . For those who want a simple, no-fuss guide to cutting your budget down to size, then 101 Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding by Barbara Cameron is your guide. The book is divided into topics that range from finding your ceremony site to planning your honeymoon and every subject in between. Each section contains clear, concise ideas that could cut your costs in half (literally) in the areas of focus. Although void of photographs or illustrations, 101 Ways is fully stocked with helpful information and resources to help you save big on your big day especially with the “Bridal Bonus” and “Watch Out” text breaks found in each chapter. This little book will be a huge help when it comes to planning your wedding.

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Although weddings are where most people tend to shell out the most money, I would say that the vast majority of us would like to avoid falling deeply into debt over an ice luge. On the other hand, cheap doesn’t equal chic-or, does it? The book Wedding Chicby Nina Willdorf takes the penny-pinching savvy from her previous book City Chicand applies it to weddings by opening up a world of wallet-friendly alternatives for your nuptials that will save you money, but will still look timeless, classy, and beautiful. The book, divided into three sections, covers how to maximize the almighty dollar in choosing the dress, the venue, the cake, the honeymoon, and every other aspect in between. Furthermore, the quotes from various wedding professionals (such as David Tutera and Sylvia Weinstock) and other fashionably frugal brides gives you a manual on the triumphs (and mistakes) that brides make when it comes to dollars and sense so you may reap the rewards.

Oh, did I mention that Willdorf is charmingly witty throughout the book?

If your looking for tips on planning a fabulous wedding on a modest budget, then Wedding Chic will most definitely help you achieve your big dreams for the big day-even if you lack the big bucks.


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I must say that, to the dismay of anyone involved in the wedding planning process, the concept of a Bridezilla (a.k.a. bride from hell,) has been popularized and, dare I say, encouraged. I also must say that this has to stop. Immediately.

To all of the brides out there: yes, planning a wedding can be awfully taxing emotionally and financially. And, this day will probably be one of the few moments where the focus will truly be on you and what you’ve done to celebrate the union between you and your fiancé. Undoubtedly, your nearest and dearest are happy for you and would love to make your wedding day an event to enjoy and a pleasant memory for all.

Don’t screw it up.

Don’t become this obsessed, high-maintenance, quasi-perfectionist overnight. It’s one thing to want roses as your flowers, it’s another thing to slap your florist because they weren’t “white enough”. It’s one thing to want your attendants to look nice, it’s another thing to bully them into buying over-priced dresses or cursing them out because one of them refuses to drop 100 pounds in 3 days. It’s one thing to want your day to be perfect, it’s another to cry, scream, or threaten your family, friends, and vendors into getting your way and your way only.

Although I feature ideas, inspiration, and vendors on my blog to help make your wedding day gorgeous, I am vehemently against the notion that the bride is always right. In order for your wedding day to run smoothly, there will be compromises and sacrifices and you will have to grit your teeth a bit. But, you’ll be much happier that you didn’t have a huge blow-up or didn’t get all in a tizzy over and ultimately temporary moment in the greater picture of your life when you have your love, your family, and your friendships intact.

Bridezillas aren’t brides. They are truly terrible individuals who were able to mask their awful personality up until one of the most memorable occasions of their life.

I hope that this isn’t the case with the brides who read this blog.